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Temperature in preschoolers bedroom

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schmee Fri 09-Jul-10 18:27:17

It's 32 degrees in my kids bedroom and I can't get the temperature down even with opening windows - is this actually dangerous for them, or just uncomfortable?

ttalloo Fri 09-Jul-10 18:30:39

I think it's just uncomfortable for them - as long as you put them to bed with minimal clothing / bedding they should be fine. And don't forget that the temperature will drop substantially during the night.

Do you have a fan that you could put on in their room?

schmee Fri 09-Jul-10 18:35:11

Unfortunately not - for some reason it stays at around 29 degrees all night in there - like a furnace... Good to know it's not actually risking their health though.

ttalloo Fri 09-Jul-10 20:15:47

That is hot for a night-time temperature. I think that it's children under one who are most at risk from high temperatures when they sleep. With older ones it's more a question of will it be too hot for them to get comfortable.

I hope yours sleep well tonight!

ShowOfHands Fri 09-Jul-10 20:23:30

DD's room is similar. But the fan's on in there and this stops it affecting her. Without it she sweats and wakes up regularly, drenched and thirsty.

beammeupscotty Fri 09-Jul-10 22:23:33

very uncomfortable. Heat rises so keep upstairs windows open in the day and curtains closed. Plenty of drink beside the bed. Its so hot at the moment I spend all night throwing the summer duvet off - then I wake up and its back on again!
(Note to self) do not moan about warm sunny weather!

Embleton Tue 02-Aug-11 21:53:55

My 4 year old daughter has had a facial wart just above her lip for a few months now. A few kids have pointed it out and I have been feeling a bit protective over her as she is starting school this September. I really don't want it to affect her self-esteem.

So, encouraged by the Health Visitor, I took her to the docs today. He said that they wouldn't do anything because it may lead to scarring on the face. He was pretty blase about it and said it may disappear if she becomes immune to the virus, but that may take years!

I feel like I have done the wrong thing taking her now as I have made an issue of it, and on the way home she told me she hated her spot every time she looked in the mirror. Of course, I am trying to play it down but now I think I've made the situation worse. Feel rubbish. Any advice?

Embleton Tue 02-Aug-11 21:54:47

Sorry should have started a new thread here to this site!

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