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How long do wasp stings hurt for?

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mummytopebs Sat 03-Jul-10 20:22:33

DD got stung by a wasp earlier in the park. It swelled up a little and the pierce mark was very red, i gave her some calpol as she was hysterical about the pain, she then had a little sleep.

She is still saying her arm is hurting now the calpol has worn off. How long does it hurt for and should i be looking out for anything? How long will you see the pierce mark for?

SwansEatQuince Sat 03-Jul-10 20:25:47

Try putting some vinegar on it. It will nip for a short while but will neutralise the sting. Poor dd.

stillbumbling Sat 03-Jul-10 20:26:06

We got stung a year ago in france. Not sure if wasp or bee, but wasps were everywhere and not aware of seeing any bees.

Cafe staff brought out vinegar. Seemed to really help and was done within about 20 mins. No more pain though little swellinge tc. My mum did it when I was a kid too and have memory of it working.

Must admit when he was stung, I did see the sting itself and too it off with nails.

The anti-freexe stuff is what we used to follow it up, to 'make it better'. Waspeze is the 'brand', but all chemists etc have own label version.

bruffin Sat 03-Jul-10 20:34:14

Have you given a antihistamine. I got stung last year in Holland and it was very painful for a few hours

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