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How long does chickenpox last?

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chuckeyegg Wed 30-Jun-10 13:14:55

DS has woken up with chickenpox can anyone give me any idea of how long it lasts? I got the calomine and bircarb of soda anything else I need.

Thanks x

Danthe4th Wed 30-Jun-10 13:51:45

Eurex cream is brill for the itching and doesn't dry out like calamine.
Current guidelines are they are most infectious for 2 days before and 5 days after spots first appear.

Imisssleeping Wed 30-Jun-10 14:11:02

another one here, what is bicarb of soda for?
My ds isn't itching does that mean he won't or just because it's day 1?

Imisssleeping Wed 30-Jun-10 21:08:54

can anyone tell me what the bicarb of soda is for?

cookielove Wed 30-Jun-10 21:11:15

I believe if you put bicarb in the bath it reduces itching, others have said a sock full of oats, held under the tap, and then left in the bath also reduces itching.

ProfessorLaytonIsMyLoveSlave Wed 30-Jun-10 21:16:42

Generally -
day 1 very slight spots (easy to miss -- in fact he might have had those yesterday)
day 2 very definite chicken pox spots
day 3 LOTS of very definite chicken pox spots
day 4 (in a mild case) more new spots, but not as many new ones as the day before
(in a less mild case LOTS and LOTS of definite chicken pox spots)

then first spots start to crust over and number of new spots starts to decline. My DCs had pretty mild cases and I don't think they got any new spots after day 5; all were crusted over by day 7/8.

I gave a double dose of Piriton at night (didn't give any in the day so double dose once a day was OK) to sooth itching and help them sleep. Bicarb in the bath was definitely a lifesaver. Also a range of things to plaster on them -- DD liked Poxclin which is a sort of mousse thing specifically for the pox, while DS prefered aloe vera or witch hazel cooling gels.

Snowtiger Wed 30-Jun-10 21:20:52

Hi - both of mine (DS1 aged nearly 3, DS2 12 weeks old) have just had it, from first spots appearing to all spots being scabbed over was about a week to 9 days. Bicarb in the bath is great, or put some porridge oats in a muslin and put them in the bath, that really helps too.
Also I discovered that you can get aqueous calamine cream which isn't so drying - brilliant for a little one. Good luck!

Imisssleeping Wed 30-Jun-10 21:30:38

damn just given him a bath will try bicarb tomorrow, thanks.
he isn't itching yet, does that mean he won't or is there still time (we're on day 2)

LilRedWG Wed 30-Jun-10 21:33:16

DD didn't really seem to itch at all, although she was covered and pretty poorly with it. We did the bicarb and porridge oats in every bath too (well, the porridge oats in a stocking hung under the hot tap whilst it ran).

chuckeyegg Thu 01-Jul-10 09:48:39

Thanks for all your replies, like you Imisssleeping my DS is not itching to much yet we are on day 2. Hope it doesn't start as he has some huge ones on his face.

FanjolinaJolie Thu 01-Jul-10 20:04:12

You could use Piriton (antihistamine) in conjunction with Calpol and Nurofen if he becomes very unhappy and uncomfortable with it. Have them on standby just in case.

You'll probably find it gets worse over the next two days or so. It might be a mild case but just warning you he might be very unhappy/fever/crying for a couple of nights. My DD's had a mild case and a severe case each so you never know how it's going to go.

Aqueous cream+calamine is much easier to apply than calamine lotion.

Hope your DS is better very soon.

Imisssleeping Thu 01-Jul-10 22:11:51

sorry chuckeyegg for hijacking your thread.
we're on day 3 and he's started to scratch.
got piriton and aqueous cream.

They are everywhere - on his eyelids, all over his face,armpits, testicles - poor little thing.

He also threw up last night, don't know if that's connected?

chuckeyegg Tue 06-Jul-10 11:37:11

Imisssleeping - just read your post, your poor DS hope he's feeling better now.


HinnyPet Wed 07-Jul-10 21:22:19

My little man (2.4) has got 5 raised red hard spots on his face and back. They have a crusty bit on the sides.

He's got one tiny fluid filled one on his forehead and one on eyelid with no crusting.

He's also got a temperature, runny nose, wants lots of cuddles and he tells me his mouth is sore (maybe spots inside?)

What I'm wondering is...

Can he come with me when I take DD to preschool? There are teeny babies there too, is my DS still contagious?

What day of chickenpox do you think you are on?

megaworry15 Sun 07-Jun-15 23:40:55

Hi my 2year is on his forth day of chicken poxs and he has been very poory with it n coveref with spots and still coming out he has barely moved off the sofa is it normal for him to be so ill with chicken poxs x

Mumm145 Wed 07-Sep-16 19:02:50

My child hat the tablets but is still very itchy ! What do I do

Lisakaur1 Sun 12-Mar-17 09:48:45

Just noticed my son had chickenpox yesterday and today he has alot more. I put camomile lotion on him. Is there anything else i can use ? And how long before they go away as we go on holiday in 6 days and hoping hes better for then

Noodoodle Tue 14-Mar-17 12:01:37

Lisakaur1 you might have more luck if you start your own thread as this one's from 2010! But as long as your ds has the spots he's contagious. I wouldn't be taking him anywhere, they can take a couple of weeks to clear up and he'll possibly infect many people if you take him away.

AuditAngel Tue 14-Mar-17 12:32:03

Hinny if he has fluid spots he is still contagious and I would not take him into the nursery. Perhaps a nursery staff member would take DD from you at the gate.

When my DD2 had something infectious the after school club agreed to meet me with DS and DD1 at the gate.

AuditAngel Tue 14-Mar-17 12:33:15

Lisakaur1 I would say it is unlikel he will be clear within 6 days, but does depend how badly he gets it, which you won't be able to tell yet.

HulkMama Tue 15-Aug-17 09:36:55

I know this is an old thread but someone recommended nurofen for the temperature and you SHOULD NEVER GIVE IBUPROFEN FOR CHICKENPOX! It drives the infection deeper into the skin making it a far more serious condition. NHS advises only age appropriate paracetamol (Calpol or similar) for treating fever associated with chickenpox.

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