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Bloody nits!

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kitkatsforbreakfast Sun 23-May-10 20:49:15

It's the first time my dc have got nits. I'm doing well not having had to deal with it before now but I'm not sure about the best way to go about it. I suspect some people deal with it regularly.

After her bath tonight I combed through with a nit comb, as thoroughly and systematically as I could. I must have got 20 eggs and 20 beasties out. Ugh.

But I'm sure that, however carefully I combed, I will have missed a few.

Should I go to the chemist for some lotion stuff? Or can they be combed out? Do we all need to be done? Will they be lurking in bath towels and pillows?

I'm itching just thinking about it!

marriednotdead Sun 23-May-10 21:03:28

Sad to say, you will get used to it.
I hated the chemical treatments as they really dry out the hair so I gave up and switched to the conditioner method It's a bit tedious as you need to do it every 4th day but anything too small to go through the comb will also be too small to crawl off and infect anyone else. Check each other but you may want to do at least a couple of treatments. Bet you're itching now biscuit <pauses to scratch head with pen>

drloves Sun 23-May-10 21:09:44

best thing you can do is get a nitty gritty comb, takes out everything.
then use the 3 point attack on the little feckers (the nits, not the kids) .
hedrin them within an inch of your life, comb and conditioner everyday , and have an electric comb for quick checks just as the dc get in from school (on dry hair only).
If you keep doing this , then you wont get an infested household.
If you dont like using chemicals get "nice and clear" ...its herbal , but toxic to lice -neem oil in it disolves the nits so they cant hatch...still comb incase you miss any.
Headlice are not supposed to be able to live off the head (on pillow /clothing ect) for any length of time, but i boil everything if any of mine catch them....convinced it helps.
Also try adding a few drops of tea-tree oil to the kids shampoo ,conditioner and detangle helps keep them away.if you dont like the smell you can add lavender oil or citronella oil , both are incecticidal too.

kitkatsforbreakfast Mon 24-May-10 22:02:34

Thank you.

I was wondering this morning, while drying my hair, do you think that using the hair straighteners will kill the blighters? I wouldn't use them on my dd but did straighten my hair pretty thoroughly today?

Will get supplies in tomorrow for a sustained attack. Last night did conditioner and nit comb and got about 20 eggs and 20 creepie crawlies. Ugh.

drloves Wed 26-May-10 11:22:13

Straighteners probably would cook the little creepies ,if you could catch them...They run too fast in dry hair, and you shouldnt use straightners on wet hair.
Are you worried youve caught them from dd ?

GeoPuzzles Thu 02-Jun-11 20:20:28

I have girls at primary school and we have been doing it for approx 7 years and as my youngest is still in primary school will be doing for a few more years
when I was in school I never got nits once, my sister got them once
why cant the school send kids home who have got them; it would eradicate them within weeks for good
it takes me about an hour to do 3, a hot bath and a kettle full of boiling water and loads of conditioner
the environmental cost has to be huge
multiply by 3 for each week
multiply by 30 for each class
multiply for 30 say for most weeks
multiply by 7 for number of years in primary school
multiply by number of primary school kids in the country for any given year

whoops does that sound a tad irritating

school is somewhere near Cheltenham

Elibean Fri 03-Jun-11 17:52:26

Hedrin Once hasn't dried the dds' hair at all - its a pain to wash out (needs about 3 shampoos) but leaves their hair all glossy (and nit free).

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