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Hayfever in 3 year old- what can I give?

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tjtheminx Sat 08-May-10 04:17:03

My 3 year old DS has developed hay fever over the last 24 hours. All the signs watery, itchy eyes, runny, runny nose , generally looking puffy and miserable.

I know I can get children's Clarityn or similar over the counter but he's not one for taking anything and anyway I'd like to try non pharmaceuticals first.

I suffered from spring/summer allergies myself for years and don't want to subject him to three months of antihistamines every year like I had to


MamaG Sat 08-May-10 06:53:34

Apparently if he can eat a bit of LOCAL honey every day that will help a lot.
a bit spread ona crumpet maybe, for breakfast?
it has to be local though

tjtheminx Sun 09-May-10 04:16:32

Interesting, will try that. Makes a lot of sense.
Luckily there was a thunderstorm here today so pollen is down and he's fine.
Thanks MamaG

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