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Badly bruised cheek and lump under skin not going anywhere fast...

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Beautifullettuce Mon 03-May-10 16:35:13

Before Easter my 3 yo DS collided with the edge of a screen at pre-school. It left a horrendous bruise. Now, 6 wks later, the bruising has almost all gone but there is a hard lump onder the skin which forms a big crease in his face when he talks/smiles. It's really altered the shape of his face. I took him to the GP 2 wks ago who was unconcerned - he's not in any pain - she said to re-visit if it shows no improvement in a month. Has anyone had any experience of this? Is the hardness scar tissue that will eventually dissolve? Thanks in advance.

blondiep14 Mon 03-May-10 19:58:26

Yes! My DS1 had exactly the same. It took about 3 months to totally disperse but it's all absolutely fine now.
Horrid, isn't it?!

foxinsocks Mon 03-May-10 20:02:04

yes we had exactly the same, took months. Doctor told us it often happens when they've had a very hard bang (something comes together and forms a hard lump).

I felt terribly guilty as we didn't take her to hosp (she was running and tripped and hit her cheek bone on the corner of a bench) and about 6 weeks later, went to the doc for something else and he asked what the lump was blush

CharlieBoo Mon 03-May-10 20:16:11

Yes it has a name actually, a ..... Heamatoma, can't remember the first word, sorry. My ds was kicked very hard in the shin and had a horrendous bruise. After the bruise had gone the lump was still there. Dr said can take weeks to go. Dr told me a warm bath helped which it did but harder with the face. Maybe try a warm flannel on it.

bellavita Mon 03-May-10 20:18:06

We had exactly the same with DS2!

It took about 3 or 4 months to go away. Cannot see anything at all now.

Beautifullettuce Tue 04-May-10 07:21:51

This is why I love MNers! Reassurance all round, thanks so much ladies.

blondiep14 Wed 05-May-10 17:15:09


eurobaby Mon 21-Jan-13 08:22:09

So so happy I found this thread.... my DS fell off his bike and had the same thing I was starting to panic... Thank you everyone!!!

Imnotaslimjim Mon 21-Jan-13 08:37:33

Yup, had one here too, DS come over the handlebars of his bike and landed on his chin. Huge purple egg and this weird lump. Took nearly a year to fade, and there is still a small amount there now. We found massaging it helped it break up

TheDeep3nd Tue 15-Nov-16 16:40:19

Absolutely on the edge of my seat hoping to hear an update from anyone who posted about their children experiencing this. My DD tipped over and bumped her cheek on a leg of a chair about seven weeks ago, and her beautiful, chubby little cheek is dimpled and a slightly purple. All my googling says it's permanent. What say you, MNers?

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