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She won't take the yellow banana flavoured antibiotic, help?

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mummytowillow Mon 29-Mar-10 21:06:10

My daughter having just got over croup has now got an ear infection. On Sunday morning she woke up with a crusty discharge out of her right ear, she only complained that her ear hurt once. My mum took her to the doctors this morning and he said its infected?

She has taken one dose of the Amoxcillin, said it was disgusting and has since then refused to take it, I've tried everything, eventually putting it in her mouth and she spat it all over me? hmm

So, half of me is thinking not to give it to her as she is not complaining, but will the infection go away on its own? Or has anyone got any other ideas of how to get it down her, my brother said put it in milk but I thought milk killed the stuff in the medicine?

kif Mon 29-Mar-10 21:09:26

my ds goes for spoon of medicine immediately followed by spoon(s) or yoghurt.

I've always theought the opposite to you - that dairy lined the stomach protecting it from the ab-s.

hazeyjane Mon 29-Mar-10 21:12:52

My dd2 wouldn't fall for it mixed into anything - she seemed to know that it was in there, I guess their tastebuds are much more sensitive than ours.

dangling chocolate an arms length away was the only thing that worked with her.

good luck

GlastonburyGoddess Mon 29-Mar-10 21:12:59

bribery? get a pack of those fun sized choc bars or sweets and shes allowed one after each dose of the revolting stuff?? works with mine!

Shaz10 Mon 29-Mar-10 21:14:11

Oh god! I still remember that flavour * retches *. Your daughter has my sympathy. Agree with chocolate inducement.

Blu Mon 29-Mar-10 21:16:38

It is really horrible to take.

Choc in their mouths immediately before the medecine, dose straight in, with a syringe, another choc instantly. Reward star on chart. But I would have thought that if the pus is already clearing out she would be OK, now?

TrinityIsFuckingTrying Mon 29-Mar-10 21:18:11

how old is she?

jjst lay her down and straddle her with her arms behind your legs

open her mouth syringe it into the side back of her mouth then jump up and give choccie button

quick painless and neccessary

MrsPixie Mon 29-Mar-10 21:24:55

how old is she? I always put it in ribena in a bottle for DD, I know, I know, but better than a 40 degree temp and convulsions sad

You have my sympathies, DD was vomiting with one bug so had to admit with IV was awful

kif Mon 29-Mar-10 21:35:06

Maybe this is a thread that'll give me some sympathy....

Last week DS was on 4 times a day abs - and the cat was on 3 times a day.

All my towels had pink drips. My arms had scratches. And no one loved me. sigh

ABetaDad Mon 29-Mar-10 21:40:29

We mix with a small amount of smooth (no bits) Tropicana orange juice. Followed by a drink of water.

jammietart Mon 29-Mar-10 21:40:51

Many GPs no longer treat ear infections with antibiotics. You could give her 2-3 days without treatment and then return to the GP and have him examine her again. It is probably viral and related to the croup and therefore won't respond to antibiotics. But if you're not happy to do that then go back to the GP and ask for a different antibiotic. For tonight you could try syringing into the back of her mouth when she is half asleep.

Tootiredforgodtyping Mon 29-Mar-10 21:47:03

float a chocolate button on the spoon of medicine. She will concentrate on getting the button in and take the medicine at the same time.

cece Mon 29-Mar-10 21:55:27

I got DD to take it by proving it tasted fine. I had a spoonful and smiled afterwards. Proving it tasted just fine and thus she took it without so much complaint. She still had a large glass of strong squash to wash it all down.

BTW it does taste a bit horrid but DD believed me.. grin

JackRabbitBauer Mon 29-Mar-10 22:29:14

Bribe with whatever she wants.
DD1 is having coamoxicillen (sp?) and it's vile, she hated the banana stuff as well.
I take her to the shop and she can shoose any pack of sweets, they go in a pot on the side and she gets a sweet in her hand when she has the medecine and scoffs it asap. No-one else is allowed them and she isn't allowed them at any other time so they are medecine sweets.
This only worked once she was over 3 though.

fatsatsuma Mon 29-Mar-10 22:34:26

My DD was prescribed some horrible aniseed flavour ab's for a UTI. She point-blank refused it, but I discovered from the GP that the chemist could get it in a different flavour - problem solved.

Is it worth asking your chemist or GP if you can have a different flavour or different antibiotic?

bosch Mon 29-Mar-10 22:36:15

kif - definitely offering sympathy. Don't you just want a second to be able to explain to the cat that you're doing the right thing! And another second to be able to explain to the child!

And I second bribery. Ds3 had 10 day course of banana flavoured anti-bs the other week for tonsillitus. I even tasted it to convince him it wasn't as bad as he said. <boak> it was. He got a chocolate for every dose. Towards the end, he remembered it was time for a dose and got it out of fridge!

He ran a temp today at nursery - I hope some random thing and he'll be ok tomorrow. But at least I know he had full course of anti-b's and can look nursery/dr/ds3 in the face with clear conscience.

Debs75 Mon 29-Mar-10 22:40:19

I hated banana antibs when I was little and still can't stand the smell.
Have tried the syringe trick with ds who won't take any medicines, be carful if they move their mouth mid syringe you get banana yuck allover the walls.
You could try asking which antibs you can dissolve for her. Capsules are better as the tablets leave a bitter taste

alypaly Tue 30-Mar-10 00:36:23

how old is she? you can get a tropical fruit flavoured amoxycillin is called Amoxil paediatric and it is very concentrated so you only give them a dropper full as it says on the directions. It tastes much better. See if doc will change the script

mummytowillow Tue 30-Mar-10 20:48:37

Alypaly - She's 2.7, now tropical fruit might make the difference, will ask for a new lot tomorrow, thanks xx smile

alypaly Wed 31-Mar-10 00:27:07

ask for the brand Amoxil otherwise you wont get the flavour.

oricella Wed 31-Mar-10 12:15:46

Tropical fruit - is that what Amoxil tastes like.. had been wondering. The banana stuff is vile and DD won't touch it. I find the Amoxil dropper a bit of a faf though

We had 2 other batches of 125g/5ml suspenstion that were lemon flavoured - one from Approved Prescription Service, other I can't remember the brand. Pharmacist should be able to tell you

Joolyjoolyjoo Wed 31-Mar-10 12:18:26

I got roud it by putting amox in a syringe, then smearing the syringe with chocolate spread- it's really sticky, so they have to suck hard to get the chocolate off the syringe, and it disguises the taste at the same time! Worked really well for us, as prior to that twas like a scene from the EXorcist, with ds's head spinning and bright yellow stuff spouting out!

Pollyingestre Wed 31-Mar-10 12:48:31

mummytowillow - I totally sympathise with you having just had exactly the same with my 17 month old - we had the orange penicillin for tonsilitis and she would not even touch it. So, we hid it in her weetabix at breakfast, a fruit pot at lunch, a yoghurt at supper and her milk at bedtime. I did worry about the instructions saying that it needed to be taken an hour before food, but apparently that is rubbish.

By the way, a serious tip - make sure that once the medicine is finished, give your daughter some acidophillus - this will help to replenish all the good bacteria wiped out by the antibiotics. We get ours from biocare - it is a powder and we just put it in her milk at night.

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