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Baby Penis Size

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MiniManhood Mon 15-Mar-10 10:36:20

Namechanged to preserve DS2's dignity!

He's nearly six months old and his willy looks really quite small. Well obviously it's small as he's a baby grin but it looks quite a bit smaller than I remember DS1's looking (and I reckon he's average).

DS2 is not particularly chubby, and he's uncircumcised, which I know can be factors for small-looking willies, and according to the "stretched penile length" chart (yes there really is such a thing) he's defintely short of the 4cm average for his age. So I'm wondering if I should take him to the doc? Will they laugh at me and mark me down as a paranoid willy-checking mother?

kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 15-Mar-10 10:39:26

Quite likely. I know nothing about boys, but certainly wouldn't take my dd to the doctor if I suspected she would have a flappy fanjo.
What could a doctor do about his minimus cockus at this age? I have heard of a condition called micropenis, but I think this is generally part of a syndrome and I don't want to google it. Leave it a bit longer before you go whipping it out.

wilbur Mon 15-Mar-10 10:43:01

I have two boys - ds1 def had a much larger penis than ds2 but they are both normal. I wouldn't worry. And of course, they will grow at different rates at puberty (and you're unlikely ever to see the results grin) so unless your ds2 brings it up himself at some point, I would just let it be.

suwoo Mon 15-Mar-10 10:45:04

<<goes off to google stretched penile length chart>>

twoistwiceasfun Mon 15-Mar-10 11:06:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

herbaceous Mon 15-Mar-10 11:15:37

I've been wondering this about my DS! He's 8 months, and his old chap doesn't seem to have grown much since birth. It's pretty teeny compared to other babies his age. Unlike his hands, ears and feet, which are huge. Maybe his winkle will catch up?

Rhubarb Mon 15-Mar-10 11:21:35

See the top bit of fat just above your baby's penis? Just press that back out of the way and you should see a normal sized penis.

I did actually ask my GP about ds' willy and he explained that 'fat pouch' to me. It's chubby deposit that just sits near the top of the penis and makes the penis look quite small. However it's very normal, it may disappear by puberty age or it may not. But at least you can tell your sons about their 'fat pouch' and reassure them that underneath it they have a perfectly normal-sized penis!

MiniManhood Mon 15-Mar-10 12:20:12

I'm not overly worried of course, but I think in some cases they can treat it with testoterone while they are young, so I'd hate to leave something that might be treatable until it's too late!

Rhubarb, I have squished his fat pad as per the instructions on the "penile length chart" grin and it's still comes up short.

God I feel terribly disloyal to DS talking about his willy like this.

Rhubarb Mon 15-Mar-10 12:25:03

I would honestly wait until he starts making natural testosterone himself. Penis come in many different sizes and I think it's wrong to be told that they should all be roughly the same size. They are just like breasts - I have very small breasts and always felt very very self-conscious about them, but thanks to a lovely dh I now love them. They do what they are supposed to do and stay pert much longer than bigger breasts.

If you fill your child with confidence then it won't bother them as much as you think, but if you make an issue of it they will see it as such.

Hopefully he'll find a lovely girl when he grows up who won't focus purely on penis size.

MiniManhood Mon 15-Mar-10 13:08:57

Oh I do agree Rhubarb. I've had a few boyfriends with very different penis sizes, and was not particularly bothered by it. In fact the hugest one was a bit daunting tbh! But I have seen posters on here saying that they would find a small penis a huge turn-off, and I suppose it makes me sad to think that DS might be at the sharp end of that stick.

Clearly I am getting waaaay ahead of myself here though!

I'll chill out about it. I'm sure that a health professional will see him starkers at some point in the next couple of years, and would mention it if they thought it was a problem.

CuppaTeaJanice Mon 15-Mar-10 13:20:50

I think baby penises vary in size even more than adult ones (not that I make a habit of looking blush but while they are in nappies the willies are on display a lot). Some of DSs friends have willies twice as long as he does.

I figured they'd average out when the foreskin opens up and the penises take on their adult form, which I guess is during puberty.

Rhubarb Mon 15-Mar-10 13:28:00

I got incredibly angry on one such thread on Mumsnet about penis sizes. Imagine if a man were to come on Mumsnet and say that he couldn't shag a women with small breasts - all hell would break loose. Mumsnetters can be very guilty of reverse sexism at times.

Sod what those Mumsnetters say, who gives a toss? They are not the kind of people you'd want your ds going out with anyway. I reckon that IF he ends up with a small penis it will enable him to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to girlfriends.

kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 15-Mar-10 13:29:00

Look on the brightside though OP, maybe if he has a teeny todger he can learn to breathe through his ears to compensate wink

SuSylvester Mon 15-Mar-10 13:30:12

i think mini manhood oyu ned to get a life

DorotheaPlenticlew Mon 15-Mar-10 13:33:20

Try not to think about this in terms of whether it is "treatable" -- it's not a disease, he just seems to have a smallish penis, right?

He's only a baby, it may well change and grow. As long as he's healthy then the last thing you should do is start judging whether he measures up in this particular department.

MiniManhood Mon 15-Mar-10 14:02:33

Oh come on Su. If your DC had, say, unusually short legs or a massive head or summat, wouldn't you consider getting it checked out?

Anyhoo, I'm pleased that no one thinks I should be dragging him off to the gp for a willy exam!

Also, it goes without saying that I know I'm very lucky that this is my only concern! But that's what MN is good for isn't it? Getting others' perspectives on issues that you might not talk about in RL.

ChickensHaveSinisterMotives Mon 15-Mar-10 14:07:00

I have two sons, and can honestly say that I have never considered whether they had 'nomal' sized willies or not. Because they are children. Your son is a baby. He'd look bloody weird with a six inch schlong.

MiniManhood Mon 15-Mar-10 14:11:13

Well there you go Chickens...if your ds had a six inch schlong you'd notice it and think it was weird. You might even consider getting it checked by a doctor. I'm just at the other end of the spectrum!

Rhubarb Mon 15-Mar-10 14:17:22

Well I did have a word with my GP about mine, this is despite me having small boobs and being determined that you should accept whatever body you have been given.

I knew ds' was small because when I went to coffee groups etc I had seen plenty of baby willies and they were all noticeably bigger than ds'. He's even had comments from nursery staff.

The GP told me about his fat pouch and that made me feel better. The main thing that worried me was that there could be some underlying reason behind it.

However I do think that to even consider hormone treatment for a baby is immoral. My ds may always have a small willy, but hopefully he'll have more than enough confidence to make up for it. If there is nothing medically wrong then you would be advised to leave it. After all you wouldn't consider breast enlargements for your dd would you?

MiniManhood Mon 15-Mar-10 14:32:48

I do think it would be immoral to give hormone treatments to a baby if it was medically unnecessary, but if it was able to remedy a genuine abnormality then of course I'd consider it! And no I wouldn't consider breast enlargements for my DD! grin But on the other hand she would probably go to the doctor for advice if she didn't develop any boobs at all, just in case there was a hormonal problem.

However, that's all by the by. I'm really NOT going to worry about it, unless a health visitor or doctor notices and mentions it.

anonandlikeit Mon 15-Mar-10 16:48:42

This thread ahs made me PMSL.
Actually one of my ds's has a small little fella, i'm kind of hoping he will sprout a bit as he gets older if not he'll just have to learn to use it wisely grin

Oblomov Wed 07-Apr-10 13:52:11

I don't find this thread very funny at all. PMSL ? why ?
Agree with Rhubarb on the reverse sexism.
God, I've read some terrible threads , 'i would only do 9 inches' etc etc, on Mn over the years.

Ds2's is much smaller than ds1's.
Just hope and pray that it end up o.k. what more can you do ?

Also depends on if they are a 'shower' or a 'grower'
Some willies are big when flaccid, and do not grow much when erect. Other willies are small when flaccid but grow when erect.

Just becasue a willy is a little walnut whip naturally, doesn't mean it can be a completely totally acceptable size when fully erect.

Other men have greta big dongers, thta don't get that much bigger.
Tis the way of the world.

BoysAreLikeDogs Wed 07-Apr-10 13:58:25

yy if you press gently on the fat pad you can get a better idea

both of my DSs sported a penis akin to a peanut for the first year at least

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