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vomiting and vomiting - pm only in 2.5 yo

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BulletProofMum Wed 10-Mar-10 17:18:51

DS1 started being unwell one week ago complaining of being cold and sore tummy. Started vomiting on Saturday. Everyday since it's the same.. reasonably well in the morning (although not eating). At lunchtime he starts vomiing and is very poorly until he eventually falls asleep in the evening. He's no fever, moderate abdominal pain, lethargic and obviously very unwell.

I took him to theGP yesterday he reassured me that all was OK but he seems to be worse rathe than better.

Now considering whether to call the doctor again or leave it another 24hr.

I guess I'm just worried that by assuming that it's viral (which it probably is as there's a lot around) that we may be missing something more worrying.

I've never seen him so poorly!

Just my oh poor me bit - I also have a 2week old baby to look after!

BulletProofMum Wed 10-Mar-10 18:42:17


fothergill Wed 10-Mar-10 19:08:59

yes, just looked/posted earlier with same thing. I wobbled about it today (sick on and off since Sun, loose stinky nappy once a day, not eating, runny nose, croupy cough at night, floppy and crying, never been so ill) but I feel that if the temperature is under control and she is drinking then it sounds like a virus that we just sit out. I know to watch out for breathing probs, temp, deterioration of self, palor.
Vile. Dd1 had similar 2 week long vomit diarrhoea things in past (running a fever earlier too - joy.) but not whilst completely wiped out/unwell.
Hope you get a nights sleep!

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