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How do you get a 3 year old to take foul tasting antibiotics?

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Reesie Thu 04-Mar-10 09:36:20

My dd1 is just over 3 years and has tonsilitis - she's been feeling pretty rough with it and has been spiking very high temperatures. Anyway we have been prescribed penicillin liquid (sugar free) and I just cannot get her to take it. She says it tastes yuk (it is pretty foul with awful aftertaste). I can manage to get a little bit in if I mix it with really strong squash - but the awful taste comes through even that.

I tried to hold her and put it in but she gets really upset and manages to spit the stuff out everywhere anyway.

Anyway - she is on a 10 day course of 4 times a day.... any tips???????

By the way - I spoke to the pharmacist who stated that they don't do it in any other format for children.

Poledra Thu 04-Mar-10 09:39:17

I have two words for you - Chocolate Buttons. I bribe my DDs with a few chocolate buttons after they've taken the medicine. I even put them on the table so they can see the bribe, take the medicine then grab the treat themselves to take the taste away.

I am, however, a Bad Mother grin

TrinityIsFuckingTrying Thu 04-Mar-10 09:41:24

if bribing with choc buttons doesn't work
then you must just lay her down
kneel over her(knee each side of her head)
so that her arms are behind you legs

use a syringe and she will have to swallow if you squirt it little by little near back and side of mouth

its takes seconds if you perfect the art

I had to do this with gecko when she was about 2

she is just three now and on hideous antibiotics for a chest infection sad

but she will swallow it quickly, dry retch and then glug lots of juice now

bless her

Snowtiger Thu 04-Mar-10 09:44:10

I second the chocolate buttons - it's the only thing that works for DS1.

Using said bribery (2 buttons before, 3 afterwards) I managed to get him to lie still to have eye drops put in 4 times a day for a week when he had conjunctivitis and by the end of the week he was asking for his "eye drops and choclit buttons please mummy" so I can assure you it really does work!

Clearly I am also a Bad Mother but I Care Not! grin

Swan78 Thu 04-Mar-10 09:47:32

I agree with Poledra, but i am also a bad mother! if children can't have a few buttons when they are poorly, when can they?!
Also give the medicine syringe a go,sounds a bit evil, but i just aim the syringe at the back of my childs mouth, dispense and then give them a big gulp of juice follow by a treat.
Hope your DD1 feels better soon

TheDevilWearsPrimark Thu 04-Mar-10 10:01:08

I tend to mix it up with a tiny bit of chocolate mousse - by the time they notice the aftertaste most of it has gone down.

Reesie Thu 04-Mar-10 10:05:01

Thanks - ok - I am off to the Spar at the end of the road for chocolate buttons....

She needs to have the a/b as we're off skiing on Sunday so she needs to be well!!!!

DecorHate Thu 04-Mar-10 10:05:48

I saw an ad in an American magazine recently girva pharmacy chain - apparently in the US you can now get children's prescription medicine mixed to order in a huge range of flavours. Such a fab idea don't you think?

Helinher30s Thu 04-Mar-10 14:41:49

It tastes absolutely disgusting. I bet no child would take it willingly. I went through this battle with my then 3 year old last year who refused point blank to take it for tonsillitis(I dont blame him either after tasting it myself). Buttons didn't work and when we tried the syringe he promptly threw up everywhere every time. The solution for us was a wonderful antibiotic called cefalexin which is an all rounder antibiotic but does take a bit longer to work than penicillin. It tastes lovely, is full of sugar and he loved it and got better in a few days. It could be an option for you if all else fails.

Reesie Thu 04-Mar-10 15:56:45

Thanks Helinher30s, I think I might try and get a new prescription for Cephalaxin. Chocolate didn't work at all. I did wrap her tightly in a blanket and syringe the stuff into the back of her throat but she still managed to spit 99% of it out. She was so distraught as well, not a pleasant experience for either of us. If we can put a man on the moon surely they can make a paediatric antibiotic taste palatable?

- Just rang GP's who have done a ne px for erythromycin.

ilovemydogandmrobama Thu 04-Mar-10 16:05:00

DD gets horrible chest infections and the only thing that works is antibiotics in capsule form, take out of capsule and syringe with a little Calpol.

Reesie Thu 04-Mar-10 20:43:23

Thanks for all your advice. The erythromycin is going in a treat!

stealthsquiggle Thu 04-Mar-10 20:51:04

3 is a tricky age, I think - younger and the syringe to the back of the cheek works better, older and they can be reasoned with/ bribed. It seems a tad short-sighted to prescribe foul tasting medicine to that age group - but then since DS is allergic to penicillin we bypass that option and go straight to the banana milkshake flavoured ones on the (fortunately rare) occasions he has needed AntiB's anyway. DD has not been shown to be allergic but the GP decided not to risk finding out - so she gets the better tasting more expensive ones as well.

Poledra Thu 04-Mar-10 21:06:03

Glad you've got something that works, Reesie. Only thing to watch now is the poos - if I remember correctly, erythro can give you a runny bottom! Small price to pay to get the tonsillitis cleared up, though.

stealthsquiggle Thu 04-Mar-10 21:13:40

Oh yes - our GP recommends daily doses of yoghurt whilst on erythromycin as it does a good job of wiping out all the bugs in the stomach.

babyicebean Thu 04-Mar-10 21:26:08

The liquid pennicillian is truely the most vile thing for kids.The only way I can get mine to take it is to give her an ice cube or lolly to suck first and the a quick dose of evil potion (too many fairy stories) and something strong tasting after.Extra strong mints seem to work.

I didn't beleive her about the taste till I tried the classic of you take a spoonful and so will mummy (mummy managed to end up taking some even tho I usually pretended)confused.Still we managed to get daddy with the same bribe grin.

topsi Fri 05-Mar-10 08:46:56

My DS hated the lemon version but took the banana one no problem

georgy87 Fri 02-Apr-10 22:52:14

Ive tried all of these and my 3 year old still wont take his antibiotics and is now refusing to have his calpol or ibruprofen for his really high temperature. sad he makes his self sick with the syringe, and have tried bribing and changing medicine but he just wont even try any now. has anyone got any other ideas please????

WomblingAround Sat 03-Apr-10 14:21:56

Syringe to the side of the mouth, into the cheek is far better than to the back of the mouth. If you squirt it to the back they just spit it out, if you squirt it to the side (low and high), then by the time it has dribbled to the back of the throat so they can spit it out, it has also disapeared down the throat.

Joolyjoolyjoo Sat 03-Apr-10 14:30:27

I've typed this answer on 3 threads now, and killed them all, but what the hell....coat the syringe in chocolate spread- they have to suck hard to get the choc spread off the syringe, medicine goes in at the same time, overpowered by taste of choc spread. it really did work for us (although apparently noone believes me! grin)

Joolyjoolyjoo Sat 03-Apr-10 15:37:03

See?? grin

Wigglemunch Thu 09-Jun-16 20:18:12

Joolyjoolyjoo, appreciate this thread is over 6yrs old but just wanted to tell you your chocolate coated syringe idea has been a lifesaver for me this week starwink

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