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Toddler suddenly can't walk - ear infection?

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puddock Sun 21-Feb-10 16:00:00

My 20 mo very mobile DS seems to have some sort of virus (runny nose, slight fever) but today he can't walk - stands up, wobbles, falls over, and then cries to be carried. Most unlike him, he usually runs up and down the place.
I'm thinking ear infection/vertigo? Is there anything else I should consider? Anything I can do for him before taking him to the GP in the morning? (Might try ibuprofen if he seems to need it.)
Poor thing, he's finding it very puzzling.

Frizbe Sun 21-Feb-10 16:01:37

Ring NHS direct and get them to diagnose.

brimfull Sun 21-Feb-10 16:03:15

I would ring out of hours doctor
may be joint infection


waitingforbedtime Sun 21-Feb-10 16:05:30

Definitely don't wait until tomorrow, get him seen today.

lemsiprocks Sun 21-Feb-10 16:14:07

I agree,please get him seen today.The most likely cause is an irritable hip which is caused by a viral infection,but he needs to have a hip infection excluded.

puddock Sun 21-Feb-10 16:14:50

Thanks, will call out-of-hours GP.

LeninGrad Sun 21-Feb-10 16:18:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

13lucky Sun 21-Feb-10 17:09:58

Hi, I've got two friends whose children this has happened to...and in both cases, it was a viral infection that affected the hip which is apparently quite common. But do get it checked out in case it isn't this and something else. Hope he's ok.

aanya Fri 16-Sep-11 13:59:33 son is 12 yrs old and cant walk!he is absolutely fit! but doctors say he has some cerebellum problem and dont have hopes on his recovery! pls interprt this!

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