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4 year old is 'Pigeon Toed'

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Lilybunny Thu 18-Feb-10 19:24:43

We always knew our daughter was pigeon toed and hoped that the ballet and tap classes that she was doing would help. However, her dance teacher recently said she didn't feel they were improving (after 18 months dancing) and that we should see our GP.

We've seen the GP and he has made a referral to the Orthopedic dept at our local hospital.

I know we need to wait and see what they say, but I wondered if anyone had any experience they could share, as we are obviously a bit worried.

Thanks in advance smile

tiggergirl Fri 19-Feb-10 16:52:16

i had it when i grew up and partner cousin daughter has it and is now 12 . i had phyiso to move the bones around and 6 months i was better but still heave to exercise and sometime my foot still get stuck when i curl toes. it helps to rub the foot and ankle but doctor will try help straightner it by mopvement the first couple of time it hurt a little but then doing exercises helps and don t feel a lhing

Milliways Sat 20-Feb-10 00:02:15

I was one of the VERY small percentage who didn't self correct and so had surgery. However, mine was a progressive inversion of the femurs so pigeon toed age 2, knock kneed by age 5 and falling over later.

I am only saying this to say that if your DD is not getting worse then all is not lost. Many children wear Orthotics (shoe inserts) to correct the foot postion and have Physio.

My feet are now nice and straight

Lilybunny Sat 20-Feb-10 16:08:57

Thanks for your info. everyone. Her appointment is next month so we'll see how she gets on.

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