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DD has been vomiting a lot & wont take dioralyte

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MyOneAndOnly Tue 02-Feb-10 10:46:00

Hi, DD (age 4.5) started vomiting on late Sunday nt, quite alot, changed the sheets 3 times. Monday morning (yesterday) we were seen by a nurse practitioner in the gp surgery, she mentioned gastroenteritis and prescribed dioralyte.
DD refused to take any more than one little sip, saying it tasted disgusting. I cannot make her take any more, even with bribing. She has no appetite and very tired & pale, although she drinks water regularly.
She did have only half banana all day yesterday lunchtime and one spoonful pasta at night which she threw up later...
No other symptoms ie no diarrhea, no temperature etc and I am worried with her being so quiet and pale and tired.
She was keen to eat chocolate yesterday whereas today she does not want even that! No appetite for anything at all, she is only thirsty & drinks sips of water.
I am trying to get seen by gp today but rude receptionist refused to give one saying she could "infect others" and will arrange someone to call me back. So far no one called.
DD has iron deficient anaemia which she takes regular iron supplements prescribed by gp already.
Anyone can tell me from experience or from professinal knowledge, how long does this likely to last, should I demand other tests etc?
Thanks a lot...

MyOneAndOnly Tue 02-Feb-10 10:47:24

Ah, and how can I get her take dioralyte solution? We tried fruity one as well as natural one. Thanks.

MrsBadger Tue 02-Feb-10 10:55:14

diarolyte less important than any fluid

try weak full-sugar ribena, or lucozade sport

MyOneAndOnly Tue 02-Feb-10 11:25:03

Thanks MrsBadger. I have had a look at the old posts about tummy bugs, there were similar suggestions to yours, although personally I had never heard before.

PixieOnaLeaf Tue 02-Feb-10 12:01:04

Message withdrawn

MyOneAndOnly Tue 02-Feb-10 12:19:08

Thanks PixieOnaLeaf, the idea of sucking instead of drinking, is a good one which I had not thought before. I am pleased to say that in the meantime she woke up from her shallow sleep and she was enthusiastic about lollipop from freezer.
It is nice to see her getting enthusiastic about something, she's been so miserable and so lethargic up until now. She is licking one now. Fingers crossed.

LilyLovesSid Tue 02-Feb-10 12:21:54

Definitely give ice lollies a go - she'll get some fluid in her and the cold can sometimes help with nausea.

Flat soft drinks (like lemonade) can sometimes be helpful as well.

Hope she feels better soon, I can sympathise - both my two have D&V at the moment and I'm nearly out of washing liquid and febreeze!!

MyOneAndOnly Tue 02-Feb-10 13:05:10

Thanks LilyLovesSid, I was also thinking of buying more sheets / pillowcases etc. Washing machine cannot catch up with the speed of dirty linen production. Wish you well too.

alypaly Wed 03-Feb-10 02:16:33

dioralyte is very important if she has been vomiting and having diarrhoea for 3 days. It is important to keep her electrolyte balance correct as this can cause other problems. Try mixing it with her favorite fruit juice or buy the one called dioralyte relief with rice in it as this helps to settle the stomach. I would say 3-4 days is long enough for her to be this poorly and not keeping fluids down.I would insist on doc calling if receptionist wont book you in. Im sure they will book you in ,if it means a house call instead.hmm

upandrunning Wed 03-Feb-10 02:39:53

Three to four days of vomiting and diarrhoea is a lot. I agree with alypaly. That's a long time for a tiny, for anyone.

upandrunning Wed 03-Feb-10 02:41:11

Sorry just noticed no diarrhoea. But still, all that vomiting.

nooka Wed 03-Feb-10 03:55:14

Trouble is that dioralyte is pretty horrible. I had some really nasty tummy bugs as an adult, and had dioralyte and it really made me want to be sick! One possible approach is a sports drink (Lucozade or perhaps a flat one might be better) and then a few ready salted crisps - even if she just licks them for the salt.

alypaly Wed 03-Feb-10 09:15:47

thanks upandrunning...didnt notice the 'no diarrhoea' ,just saw gastro enteritis. Even so ,vomiting that long still neeeds the doc and dioralyte.

I phoned the OOH service when a had sickness and nauseau and they told me 'flat coke'.....i have never heard of that on before.
There is another brand called Rehydrat which has assorted flavours

belgo Wed 03-Feb-10 09:19:29

you do know that you don't have to tell the doctor's receptionist why you need to see the doctor?

Is your dd keeping down any water? Flat coke or flat lemonade are supposed to be good.

Are her lips dry? Is she lethargic?

I'm annoyed on your behalf with that receptionist, you need to speak to a doctor.

MyOneAndOnly Wed 03-Feb-10 13:47:35

Thank you all... Her vomiting had started on Sunday night, early hours of Monday so it was not 3 days of vomiting... but anyway, good news is she has stopped vomiting on Tuesday and I attribute it to diarolyte.

The lessons I have learned from this:

1- Dioralyte is important and i discovered that when mixed with her favourite juice, she did not complain about it being yukky anymore and she took it in few sips here, few sips later on there...By the evening, she had almost the whole dose in her tummy.
Wonderful. I am adamant that it made the difference.

2-)The medical opinion about what you can give your child with tummy bug varies from one doctor to the other, when nurse practitioner almost banned all traces of milk which sounded very harsh to me anyway, she specifically told me only rice, boiled potato and bread was allowed and no cheese, no smear of butter on toast, no chocolate button, no citrus fruit, etc... According to her, even apple might have been acidic and therefore bad. I understand that some of these items ie orange/citrus fruit might irritate the already-sensitive tummy but it left DD with almost nothing to eat.. the doctor I spoke to afterwards, told me nowadays they do not ban milky products as such and that she could have had cheese, pasta with some mild sauce, soups etc. So if this happens again, next time I know what to do!

3-) Ice lolly idea was brilliant, she loved it, perked up immediately with the promise of ice lolly and was happy afterwards for a long time , it was a treat, especially since being banned to put anything in her mouth that it edible, she was miserable.

4-)Thanks Belgo, for pointing out that I don't have to tell the receptionist about why we need to see the doctor. Next time I will remember that.

5-) DD thankfully loved potatoes so I bolied and mashed for her with only a pinch of salt which gave ther some energy, combined with dioralyte she was fine again.

6-) I will keep the name Rehydrat as a reference as alternative, thanks for that. I would not have thought of flat coke / lucozade etc but I will keep this in mind too.

Thanks ladies, all your replies helped. Problem is resolved for us, doc says she can go to school tomorrow and so I can go to work.

belgo Wed 03-Feb-10 16:46:14

glad she is better

cry1982 Mon 07-Mar-16 01:32:23

Hello everyone!!my child who is 25 months old start vomiting from last night and again around 2 am.I am worry ,what should i give him!

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