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Son has worts on knee - Teasing

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isheisnthe Mon 01-Feb-10 13:46:52

My 7 year old has 2 warts on his knee, they "popped up" last year. I took him to the docs to get them removed (he was being teased and other kids were running away from him/not playing with him)last summer but the doctor would not remove them and said that they would go by themselves - they haven't.

Hopefully it will soon be spring but with that will come shorts at school and I dread the micky taking starting again - anyone got any ideas on how to remove them?

MyNewPans Mon 01-Feb-10 18:19:55

Have you thought of this? I used it and it was great.

louii Mon 01-Feb-10 18:21:19

Go back to Dr and make him remove them, tell him he is being teased due to them.

donnie Mon 01-Feb-10 18:23:42

I used the wartners on my dd a couple of years ago - she is 8 now. She has a cluster of warts on her hand and was very miserable about them, plus peole had noticed and were asking questions....I did about 2 - 3 applications of the wartner freeze spray. It was painful but I promised her a present if she was extra brave. They disappeared after about 3 weeks.

RatherBeOnThePiste Mon 01-Feb-10 20:04:47

With my DD who had one on her knee, her wart did just go, over about two days it just subsided and then was gone, but DS had big ones on his thumb and fingers. Horrid.

The Wartner did nothing for us at all, however we used the Bazuka stuff and it worked like a dream.They all went and never came back.

I would encourage caution about the Dr removing them as we had an awful experience. he froze the wart which was utterly and intensely agony, and my DS is stoic, but he sobbed. It came back too sad.

I suppose different products work for different people. I suppose it will be experimentation on your part

isheisnthe Mon 01-Feb-10 20:19:35

I used wartner - didnt work, and bazzooka simply burnt the skin around the wart but did nothing to the wart - other than make it sore :-(

I had one on my knee when I was little and picked it off, but it bloody hurt and I dont really want him to do that

RoseBlossoms Mon 01-Feb-10 20:25:16

Go back to doctors, tell them he is being teased.

When i was a teen so no bothered about what kids said i had one on my knee, i was told to try rubbing with the inside of banana skin which i did religiously for about a month and it was gone (never came back either). Worth a try?

Seona1973 Mon 01-Feb-10 20:44:32

could it be molluscum rather than actual warts?

alypaly Tue 02-Feb-10 00:32:39

Avoca wart treatment is fantastic...your chemist might have to order it in ,but its the only thing that has worked for my boys.

alypaly Tue 02-Feb-10 00:33:39

have they got a caulifower top to them or are they relatively smooth.

isheisnthe Tue 02-Feb-10 11:18:34

the are quite smooth, just raised small lumps. DS2 (i noticed) now has one as well, on his index finger - arggggggggg

MyNewPans Tue 02-Feb-10 11:52:46

Sounds more like Molluscum

alypaly Tue 02-Feb-10 12:44:49

if they are quite smooth but have a really tiny centre (almost unnoticeable)they do sound like molluscum contagiosum

alypaly Tue 02-Feb-10 12:49:26
just look atthe link to another thread on how to deal with them.
All of my friends who have used the pricking technique have subsequently got rid of them and some people on MN too

disoup Wed 19-Oct-11 18:12:58

My daughter had warts on a finger for 6 years from when she was 1yr old, we tried freezing by doctor, bazuka, banana peel etc. Nothing worked. The last thing we tried was based on the duct tape idea but instead of duct tape we used fabric surgical tape / zinc oxide tape, skin coloured and less unsightly. Keep it on the wort continuously, if it gets wet leave it, I think that even helps. Change tape when unsightly or just comes off. It took about 3 months and removed 5 worts. Considering bazuka took as long for nothing!. Zinc oxide tape is also super for blisters if you have to keep going, just tape them up and continue doesn't remove all the pain but very handy if you are hiking with new boots on!!.

activate Wed 19-Oct-11 18:15:28

DS3's verruca went in 2 weeks of taking thuja supplements and putting thuja ointment on to it - both available from health food store

we had tried all verruca treatments on the market up to that point

worht a try

activate Wed 19-Oct-11 18:15:54

had also tried duct tape

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