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Extra leg crease?

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lal123 Tue 26-Jan-10 13:15:41

DD is 14 weeks old and yesterday I just noticed that she has an extra crease in her right thigh. Have scared myself stupid with googling and am wondering if its always a sign of Hip Dysplasia or if she's just got different legs? Will make appointment with GP. thanks

TheChicOfIt Tue 26-Jan-10 17:26:42

Where is the crease? Can you explain a bit more?
Perhaps it would be wise to speak to your health visitor first before you go to the doctor.....
I wouldn't worry unduly - I'm sure my ds had something similar - he's got one leg fatter than the other!

honeybunmum Tue 26-Jan-10 17:39:14

We were referred to gp by midwife as DS had an extra crease (back of leg half way between knee & bum) Gp checked and said nothing wrong with hips/legs (was a bit fed up as midwives were referring loads of them at that time) DS is now 21mths, running like a looney, walking perfectly and has no mobility problems whatsoever. He still has the extra leg crease but as far as I'm concerned there's nothing to worry about.
The other thing 'they' say look for is if the little dimples above the bum crease are not level, that may indicate a problem.
Go to your gp if you are worried then they can put your mind at rest and you'll stop worrying.
My DS has those gorgeous chunky, squidgy, cuddly legs that you could just eat grin which may explain the fatrolls creases.

herethereandeverywhere Tue 26-Jan-10 18:28:41

It can be an indicator of a dysplasic hip, it can also be just "one of those things."

A GP can't actually conclusively tell whether hips are dysplasic through manipulation, only the most severe cases, which actually dislocate, will be revealed through moving and checking for the click. My dd was examined by 2 different paediatricians at birth who found nothing but due to family history we got a scan.

My GP was very dismissive when I mentioned dd had been referred for an ultrasound due to family history (muttered along the lines of hips forming themselves naturally anyway). That scan revealed a dysplasic hip which dd is currently having corrective treatment for. It is much more difficult to treat once the child starts to bear weight on it.

I don't want to frighten you when you've come on here seeking reassurance and I know loads of people whose babies had odd creases and it amounted to nothing (including the physio currently treating dd). BUT if I was you I would push hard for an ultrasound so that you know for sure.

Your son, being a boy, has less chance of being affected than a girl. 70% of cases are 1st born females. The other major risk factor is being breech. Previous family history is also a factor in about a third of cases.

Chances are it's just one of those things but a scan to confirm that would put your mind at rest. smile

herethereandeverywhere Tue 26-Jan-10 18:32:34

whoops, just re-read the OP and saw you have a daughter blush. The chances are about 1/1000 for having a dysplasic hip so still very low. Get that scan and you'll know for sure.

Even if it is dysplasic, treatment is straightforward at this age (my dd wears a "pavlik harness") and mild to moderate cases are often just left and monitored with further scans to give the body chance to fix itself before any intervention. Good luck!

lal123 Tue 26-Jan-10 18:46:50

thanks everyone - honeybummum - yes that sounds just like where DDs is - halfway between knee and bum. DD1 was always a skinny wee fairy, so I'm not sure if I'm just overreacting to normal chubbiness in DD2 (who is much more like her Mum than her Dad!)! There's a HV drop-in clinic tomorrow so I'll take her along there (Dr is on site so if they think its anything I should be able to see him too)

Must go and have a look at her bum dimples!!

Thanks for the advice.

Herethereand everywhere - don't worry about causing me concern - I wasn't really wanting everyone to reassure me, I'm happy to know that I'm not overreacting

bubble2bubble Tue 26-Jan-10 20:34:39

DD1 had exactly this - it's just one of the indicators and a good HV or GP should be able to pick up staight away on examination if there's something wrong.
DD1 was sent for a scan her hip was perfect and still is smile

AnyFucker Tue 26-Jan-10 20:41:54

a scan will reassure you

it should be simple enough to arrange, depending on where you live

either a paediatrician (via your health visitor) or a paediatric physiotherapist (via your HV again or GP) can arrange it

lal123 Tue 26-Jan-10 21:52:25

Have looked for bum dimples - and (unlike her mother!) she doesn't seem to have any.

AnyFucker Tue 26-Jan-10 22:04:19

does one leg appear to be shorter than the other ? (difficult to tell in a baby, I know, but sometimes is obvious)

was she a big baby ? breech ?

is there a family history of hip problems or things like clubfoot ?

quite often, there is no problem at all, but best to get it checked

lal123 Wed 27-Jan-10 10:31:08

her legs seem same length (I think!), she wasn't a big baby (6lb 5), straightforward birth, no history of hip problems - though both her gran and I have wonky knees..

AnyFucker Wed 27-Jan-10 13:50:33


looking good, but still worth getting checked

lal123 Wed 27-Jan-10 19:04:45

Well, took her to drop-in clinic. While waiting to see HV Dr walked past and asked if everything was OK. I explained concerns to him and he basically looked at me as if I was mad, said I shouldn't read so much, that she'd been checked in hospital and by him and that she was fine.....

honeybunmum Wed 27-Jan-10 20:27:23

Git... angry
Is your mind at rest now though?

AnyFucker Wed 27-Jan-10 21:15:22

eww, nasty man

no need for that

what did HV say ?

lal123 Thu 28-Jan-10 11:05:25

Didn't go to see HV after that - she would have just referred me back to him. Don't think he meant to be nasty. I asked him if there was anything else I should be looking out for - he said that if she limped when she started walking to come back to him. Mind is partly at rest now - he's a good Dr when it comes to kids - used to be a paediatrician. I asked about an ultrasound - he said that the hospitals threshold for doing them was even lower than his, so she wouldn't be given one.

AnyFucker Thu 28-Jan-10 12:31:58

ok, take comfort from that then

and any issues with walking/weightbearing, you go straight back to him

am sure she will be fine though

sav76 Fri 12-Nov-10 13:43:30

Hi I dont wantto worry you but had the same thing with my dd was toldat 6week check allok at 8mth told hv about extra crease she said go to gp .. GP told me it was fine i should not read so much she was checked at 6 weeks etc etc made me feel silly ...About a month ago i went to hv a dd walks with a limp now 15 mths old she said go back to docs so off i went again ( I have changed doctors inbetween) the new gp watched her walk then carried out lotsof checks it turnsout 1 leg is shorter,hip stiffer and extra crese at this was sentfor urgent x-ray as they think she does have hip dysplasia so i would get checked if your still worried...

lisad123isgoingcrazy Fri 12-Nov-10 19:22:50

DD1 had this, but she was fine

jenniferturkington Sat 13-Nov-10 05:51:29

DD had this, uneven dimples on her bottom, and a clicky hip. She was referred for a scan and was absolutely fine. The paed basically gave us an official diagnosis of chubbiness grin

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