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10 year old with swollen penis

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MomOfFive Sun 24-Jan-10 23:46:51

I just returned home from taking my 10 yr old to the hospital. Still don't have a clue what his problem is. They gave him a shot of epinephrine and a benadryl thinking he has had an allergic reaction but it didn't change a thing. His penis is very swollen around where the foreskin would be. Looks like he slipped a snack size doughnut over the tip. Has anyone had this problem with their boys or has a clue what it is? He goes to a urologist and his doctor this week but I am very worried.

coldtits Sun 24-Jan-10 23:50:08

Has he been fiddling with it? He's about the age they start to take an interest. Maybe some mildly salty lukewarm water would help?

CLOVER81 Sun 24-Jan-10 23:50:09

This happened to my ds and it was ballentitis sorry spelling is bad its an infection under the foreskin if its the same thing

CLOVER81 Sun 24-Jan-10 23:51:20

he was given a course of antibitocis and i was told too wash under it with mild soapy water too keep clean and make sure its rinsed well

MomOfFive Mon 25-Jan-10 00:01:43

I don't believe he has been fiddling with it. He said the scrotum started itching last night and then he woke up this morning with the huge ring around it. I have started him on his Antibotics and his Oral Steriods and it's been about 2 hours and there is no change. I researched the Balanitis and it said it was for boys that were not circumcised. I am just at a loss on what it could be and I don't believe the hospital did everything they could have done to figure it out. I guess I will be up all night...

kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 25-Jan-10 09:49:09

Has it gone down yet. Poor chap, having your lad examined in front of your mum.

clodsofclay Sun 12-Nov-17 19:50:31

Just thought I would add to this thread as I was looking for advice as we had a similar experience. The snack size doughnut was a good description of what it looked like. I assumed it was balanitis and managed a day or so with creams but when it got worse I contacted an out of hours Gp. We ended up being admitted to the children's ward immediately as DS had paraphimosis, where the foreskin gets stuck behind the glans and starts to swell. Turns out this is quite serious and needs to be dealt with promptly before the swelling starts to restrict blood flow. They managed to pull the foreskin back to where it should be with the help of some morphine and manipulation and all is well. If in doubt, get it checked out sooner than later.

milf69 Wed 02-May-18 18:10:41

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

BarbarianMum Thu 03-May-18 09:12:06

<<are you saying that you, his mother, actively looks at her ten year olds penis?>>

Oh don't be so stupid milf Of course she looked at it, he said there was a problem. hmm

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