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largeginandtonic Sun 24-Jan-10 08:42:17

DD2 was 1 a week ago.

She was first sick late Weds night, horrid poo and no appetite all Thurs and Fiday.

Tea time very sick yesterday and at about 430am she woke thirsty. Drank juice and was very sick.

She is sick now after every little bit of water.

What the buggery bollocks is it?

I thought rotavirus. She started with poo (v distinctive of RV) then sick and spiking temp.

No temp for 12hrs or so.

What do you think?

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belgo Sun 24-Jan-10 08:44:46

Is she keeping any water down at all? Have you taken her to a doctor?

purepurple Sun 24-Jan-10 08:49:00

could be norovirus
she needs to be seen by a doctor as she may be dehydrated

largeginandtonic Sun 24-Jan-10 08:49:25

She keeps little bits of water down.

Yesterday she was keeping fluids down fine, i thought she was coming out of it.

No doc. Have had the others have rotavirus before and they followed a similar pattern. Poo lasting 8 days or so. Diet kept bland etc..

I am thrown by the sick again last night and this morning.

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largeginandtonic Sun 24-Jan-10 08:51:59

I will ring out of hours this morning if she keeps being sick.

She is v clingy and tired but nothing you would't expect in a child who has only had fluids since Weds eve.

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belgo Sun 24-Jan-10 08:53:11

Agree with purepurple, she needs to be seen by a doctor because of the risk of dyhration and because after four /five days she is still vomiting and that's a long time.

My dd2 spent three days in hospital with severe dehydration, d&v and febrile convulsion, they suspected rota virus but it was never confirmed. It took her more then a month to get back to normal.

luckyblackcat Sun 24-Jan-10 08:54:14

Rotorvirus has a VERY distinctive aroma in fecal matter - really unlike anything else.

tiny, tiny sips of water.

I hope she feels better soon see GP tomorrow if worried, but unless she is ketotic they will tell you small sips of fluid, warm and rest.

largeginandtonic Sun 24-Jan-10 08:54:28

Norovirus? << shudder >>

All of them would get that wouldn't they!

None of the others have been ill. I have had some cramps and yuk poo (tmi apols) but only once. Nothing since.

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largeginandtonic Sun 24-Jan-10 08:59:28

Rotten egg smelling poo, yellow.

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belgo Sun 24-Jan-10 09:02:23

Usually they say after 48 hours of d&v to see a doctor but of course children can get very sick even faster then that (my dd2 ended up on a drip after just 8 hours of violent vomiting).

Because your dd has been sick for so long, unless she is really improving today (and the vomitnf, tiredness and clinginess sound like she is not improving), I would take her to the doctor.

largeginandtonic Sun 24-Jan-10 09:20:08

Have rung out of hours, just waiting for them to call back.

She is asleep again now.

Poor thing, i hate it when they are poorly sad

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largeginandtonic Sun 24-Jan-10 09:20:52

Thank you for listening smile

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belgo Sun 24-Jan-10 09:30:27

hope they call back soon and your dd gets better soonsmile

largeginandtonic Sun 24-Jan-10 12:16:27

Hullo. Am back from the doc.

She has a double ear infection too sad

He said she was mildly dehydrated and would need reviewing later. He wasn't even going to check her over! I had to ask...

I am hoping if she keeps some paracetemol down she will feel better and stop being sick.

Fingers crossed!

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belgo Sun 24-Jan-10 13:28:49

Poor thing! Did he prescribe anything for the ear infections?

belgo Sun 24-Jan-10 13:47:18

have you got rehydration fluids for her?

largeginandtonic Sun 24-Jan-10 16:16:13

Sorry belgo she was asleep on me.

Yep rehydration fluids and she has kept 8oz down now.

No antibiotics but if she is still bad tomorrow i will take her to my GP for those.

Sometimes 24hrs and an ear infection can look much better. Much worse too sometimes.

I am keeping a close eye on her.
Well she is attatched to me anyway!

Thank you for checking smile

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belgo Sun 24-Jan-10 18:13:32

It sounds like you are doing every thing right, hope she's better tomorrow.

largeginandtonic Mon 25-Jan-10 07:18:21

Aaaarghhhhh Belgo the 2 year old was up vomming in the night...

Started at 130am. He fell asleep at 6am.

I am just getting all the others ready for school now.


<< Grumpy sigh >>

Sorry, just off loading.

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FourArms Mon 25-Jan-10 07:32:26

Oh no. Poor you. Might be worth keeping a poo sample from the two of them to be tested.

We had an episode with DS2 last year when he had bad diahorrea (also having chicken pox and ITP at the same time) which was initially a rotavirus (we were in isolation, and every nurse that came in knew he had a rotavirus from the smell without seeing his notes!), but later on the sample also showed he had cryptosporidium which is quite a rare tummy bug.

Hope your DC feel better soon! (and you get some sleep!).

largeginandtonic Mon 25-Jan-10 12:02:56

Thanks fourarms smile

The doc said the baby was on the mend and to give her whatever she wanted. 4oz milk and a rich tea biscuit later i have spent 10 mins cleaning up explosive yellow watery poo.

I am ignoring that advice now...

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largeginandtonic Mon 25-Jan-10 12:09:55

AND she has just been sick!

Poor baby sad

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belgo Mon 25-Jan-10 18:03:30

how are they both this evening?

Did they advice you on the brat diet:

(you can google more)

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