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How can I find out about fungicide poisoning?

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FlamingoBingo Sat 14-Nov-09 08:18:51

DD2 (nearly 5) was sick in the night, just twice, no other symptoms except for a tummy ache. No one else seems ill at all.

My mum told me that while I was out yesterday evening, she caught her eating something and worked out it was one or more cress seeds from a packet we had on the side and she wondered if it could be a fungicidal coating on that making her sick.

How can I find out if the seeds we had had a fungicidal coating? And how can I find out if it could be that that made her ill?

She tells me this morning she only had one, and she got it stuck in her tooth anyway, but she had it in her mouth for a while, so I guess would have sucked the coating off if it had had one, and absorbed it.

whomovedmychocolate Sat 14-Nov-09 14:18:33

Unlikely to be a fungal reaction - fever and profuse vomiting plus breathing difficulties are more common with such things. Also cress seeds don't tend to be treated with much IIRC. However you can always call the seed company and ask them.

Chances are this will be one of the million '24 hour virus' bugs she gets in her life.

Hope she's feeling better.

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