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Can an ear infection in 14 mo really cause all these other symptoms?!

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artifarti Thu 12-Nov-09 14:38:41

DS (14 mo) had an ear infection a couple of weeks ago but it appeared to clear up with antibiotics. He went off his food on Sunday and was crying in his sleep in the night. Since then he has refused most (not all) food - he seems hungry but when it gets to his mouth goes mad, spits it out, clamps shut etc. We thought it might be teething (there was no ear pulling, head shaking etc.) and yesterday/last night he was a bit better (more eating, no crying). Today though he has little pimples on his hands, feet, legs, arms and bum, diarrhoea, dreadful nappy rash, refuses to eat anything and only drinks under protest; he is a miserable wee thing. sad

Took him to the GP who said his ear is infected again and that this was causing all the other symptoms too.

I'm sure she's right but does anyone else have experience of an ear infection causing so many other symptoms? It just seems bizarre but I'm not a medic so what would I know!

Helinher30s Thu 12-Nov-09 15:00:53

Pimples or blisters? just wondering if it could be hand,foot and mouth. Could explain the pain in his mouth if he's not teething. When my ds had HF&M his bottom was covered too.. not sure about the arms and legs though. If it is HF&M there isnt anything you can really do as its viral and just has to run its course - hope he feels better soon

artifarti Thu 12-Nov-09 15:03:59

Hel - that was my first thought but the GP thought not (I said there were spots on his tongue but he wouldn't let her look in his mouth!) He hasn't had a temperature. Ah well, he has antibiotics for the ear now so guess I just have to give him TLC.

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