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advice please concerns for 3 yo hearing and stammer

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becstarlitsea Wed 11-Nov-09 10:44:23

I've just started to be a bit worried about my 3 year old's stammer. He's had it since he was two and I wasn't worried at all, so many of them seem to have stammers until their speech settles in. But it's getting worse rather than better, and he's getting more upset about it - crying because his words are 'stuck' and there's something he wants to say.

I've also blush found myself repeatedly saying 'why don't you listen, why do I have to shout at you every time before you listen?' and have had repeated complaints from his nursery that he doesn't listen. Then the other day I was watching him at football, and the coach told them what to do - he did something completely different to what the coach had said. I thought it was because they were such complicated instructions that DS couldn't follow them. Then the coach showed DS what he meant and DS copied without a problem, following all the complicated steps without a mistake...

His speech is advanced for his age, apart from the stammer, his vocabulary is good, so he must be able to hear. I'm just concerned that his hearing perhaps isn't acute enough, and that might be contributing to the stammer? Maybe? Or am I being PFB and actually all three year olds stammer and don't listen (btw I know they all do up to a point, but DS is always in trouble for it at nursery, and they tell me they've never come across a child who has such difficulty with listening).

WWYD? If I'm worried, who do I tell - the GP? Any advice gratefully received!

hatchypom Wed 11-Nov-09 16:35:11

I would go to your gp, probably nothing but at least you would have peace of mind. Might be temporary hearing problem such as glue ear (which as an adult sufferer does impact clarity) should be relatively easy to rule out a problem with his ears

becstarlitsea Thu 12-Nov-09 16:49:07

Thank you for replying - very kind of you! Will follow your advice.

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