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fraggletits Tue 10-Nov-09 22:15:25

My dd (4) has 2 small scars on her forehead from falling over and cutting her head open in the park on gravel when she was 18 months and running into a door when she was about 2.

Everybody at the time said they'd heal and go away. We took her to the hospital after the park incident and were told it wouldn't scar. When it did scar I took her to a dermatologist who prescribed silicon gel which never really did anything.

They are small scars but it's becoming a real bone of contention between me and dh. He thinks we haven't done enough so has booked a drs appt at the end of Nov for more advice.

Just wondering if anyone has any advice or experiences of scars healing and fading.


PlasticBandit Wed 11-Nov-09 19:40:15

I find Bio-Oil really good for scars. It is not cheap, but a little goes a very long way. You need to use it for a couple of months or more, but the results are good, with the scars fading.
Good luck with the scars whatever you do about them.

saggarmakersbottomknocker Wed 11-Nov-09 21:37:37

I think it depends on the type of scar. If they're pitted then then it's likely you won't get them to improve much. If they are more of a discolouration then they may improve with time. TBH I would be careful not to make them an issue for dd. You don't want her to be conscious of them.

bruxeur Thu 12-Nov-09 06:28:53

Skin will scar any time a full thickness incision or laceration is made. Over time they will fade, and as the child grows they will become relatively smaller and thus less noticeable. However, they will never go completely - although some may diminish so much they are effectively invisible.

If there's any pitting, tattooing, hypertrophy or keratosis that's a different matter.

This far down the line there is nothing more that can be done with a uncomplicated scar, apart from making sure it's sunblocked when it's sunny. She's still very young and the chances are that it will continue to fade and shrink over the next few years.

What you do have is an excellent chance to completely screw her up psychologically about her appearance, by obsessing about it, so go easy.

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