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What would you do with these symptoms?

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fernie3 Tue 10-Nov-09 15:42:14

a friend has a 14 month old who is chronically constipated!. He was around here today and he was trying to poo and obviously couldnt he was crying and whining in pain. He also has bouts of crying inconsolably which he had today a few times as well. He is already on medication to try and get him to go and has been for a while now - he still hasnt gone and his mum said the last time he went was 3 weeks ago (I feel like she might be exagerating but obviously couldnt say for certain).His stomach feels a bit bloated and harder than you would expect but I am not expert so it may be nothing.

He was in obvious pain today, she tried to get an appointment at her doctors but couldnt as it was already 3 o clock by the time I saw her and told her to phone. She has taken them home now but I am wondering whether to try and get him to the out of hours doctor or even up the hospital. I have told her I will take her up if she wants and Im wondering whether it would be over reacting or not?

LIZS Tue 10-Nov-09 15:49:18

hmm Surely his mum would have been told to take him back if it didn't work not elave it 3 weeks and counting. I'm sure if she explained she'd get an urgent appointment, how hard did she try ? It isn't really your repsonsibility unless she has some kind of issue which affects her judgement.

AMumInScotland Tue 10-Nov-09 15:54:08

I don't think it needs a trip to the hospital - it neds her to make an appointment at the gp. If they need to refer him to the hospital, then it won't be the duty docs in a&e that he'd need, but a specialist.

If her docs are anything like mine, the best thing to do is phone when they open in the morning, and insist it's urgent.

fernie3 Tue 10-Nov-09 15:56:03

I know its not my responsibility but as she is a friend who is struggling at the moment I thought it would be nice to offer to help as she cant get up there alone.I have no idea how hard she tried for the appointment.

fernie3 Tue 10-Nov-09 15:59:45

thanks amuminscotland I will let her know that and tell her to insist

nellie12 Tue 10-Nov-09 16:05:43

If she is telling the truth about it being 3 weeks since he went, then yes I would take him to childrens A&E or walk in centre (assuming there is a paediatric trained nurse on) because he could well need an enema. If he's in pain no-one will think it is an over reaction.

How involved you get is up to you but I think I would think similar if it were a good frien of mine who was struggling.

PixieOnaLeaf Tue 10-Nov-09 17:26:49

Message withdrawn

alypaly Tue 10-Nov-09 19:29:18

he may have an impacted bowel which could need something a bit stronger to help. I would go if has been 3 weeks,especially if he is crying with pain

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