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3 yr old always ill when dh works away, dh thinks psychomatic disease???!

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mad4myboys Tue 10-Nov-09 12:22:37

dh works away a fair bit, every other week or so, sometimes a week sometimes a night. ive noticed that 3 yr old ds1 always seems to be ill when dh is away. 2 weeks ago a chest and throat infection. dh went away yest and yest eve ds1 had fever. Had night terror about 9pm and then woke at 4.30am. i think its sods law although it DOES happen almost all the time... dh thinks its psycomatic disease.. he is very sensitive, understands dh works away and then comes home. dont hide it from him. Any thoughts?

Sparks Tue 10-Nov-09 12:32:59

Even if they are psychosomatic (or being pedantic I think the correct term is psychogenic) illnesses, what difference would it make? What would you do differently? Your child is ill, you look after him.

I tend to agree with you, probably just sods law. Some little kids do seem to pick up every bug going around.

mad4myboys Tue 10-Nov-09 12:45:44

it wouldnt change how i treated him, regardless of illness. Just wasnt sure if it WAS that if i should be discussing with GP or not

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