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what can projectile vomit mean? 2 yo DD.....

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Jujubean77 Mon 09-Nov-09 18:34:51

Awful English! But DD has vomited violently this evening then fallen straight asleep - she is 2.10. It just shot out of her mouth and looked like she hadn't digested anything all day, loads of fluid.

I was thinking of offering some boiled water or cammomile (she loves it) when she wakes - does anyone have any other advice?

Jujubean77 Mon 09-Nov-09 18:45:03


FreeTheGuidoOne Mon 09-Nov-09 18:52:15

My dd projectile vomitted on Sat night out of nowhere and fell straight asleep. She's 2.6. Lots of what looked like undigested food. She has never done that before.

I offered her breastmilk when she woke and then sips of water too.

I assumed it was something she had eaten as it was so sudden and once she'd cleared her tummy and slept well then she was right as rain. Woke up Sunday and was absolutely fine.

At that age I would guess something she ate or viral gastroenteritis. Any temp?

Jujubean77 Mon 09-Nov-09 18:55:48

no, no temp (thank God!) just got v tired. Sounds like your DD. It was v scary the amount and force at which it shot out!

FreeTheGuidoOne Mon 09-Nov-09 20:09:27

Yes, I was very surprised. DD had picked at her dinner and been a bit cross when she's usually very happy and then all of a sudden she exploded. I was shocked that her stomach could contain that much.

I think if she's been sick then offering liquids if she wakes is the most important thing.

Hope she's better soon. Somebody told me that if it's food poisoning, you can count back 9hrs (the average time it takes to manifest itself) and whatever they ate then is the usually the culprit. I don't know how true that is but precisely 9hrs before dd was sick she had eaten prawns. She had never eaten them before and I think it may have been that.

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