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Apologies for a poo/toilet training question

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tjtheminx Mon 09-Nov-09 15:38:03

I posted last week about DS 2.5's constipation. Once the constipation kind of resolved he started withholding... we finally managed to settle that after 5 days with no poo yesterday with the use of laxatives and a warm bath and lots lots lots of positive reinforcement.
Now we are continuing with laxatives for the next few days.My theory being that if the poos are soft he will forget the trauma of the painful constipation
Since all this has happened he has become more interested in the potty ( not at all interested two weeks ago)
I'm wondering should I try to potty train him now that he is showing interest ( but still on laxatives)?? How long should I continue the laxatives? Should I wait till he forgets about this episode.
Oh and can someone post the link to the potty training boot camp?

luciemule Mon 09-Nov-09 22:36:37

what laxatives? Perhaps you could take your ds to gp and get some paeds movicol as it merely adds liquid to the poo to soften rather than works on the muscle which can make the muscle weak
Think it might be a bit dodgy to self prescribe the prolonged use of laxatives for such a little one.
Try instead to make light of it and perhaps see if he'll drink ornage juice or prune juice mixed into water to soften the poo. If you make an issue of it, he'll withold the poo for longer until you get 'leaky' poo sneaking round the hard, solid constipated lumps (sorry tmi). Defo trip to gp if natural fruit juice won't clear though.

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