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Um, sorry ladies it's a poo question. 13 month old, horrible poos.

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50ftQueenie Mon 09-Nov-09 09:00:55


DD is 13 months and has never had a solid poo. She only has three teeth at the moment so is pretty much constantly teething which I thought was probably the explanation. However, things have gone from bad to worse this morning and I am starting to wonder. Her poo isn't runny enough for me to consider it diarrhea, it's just very soft & you can see most of what she's eaten in it. It's almost as if her digestive system is working too quickly for her to break the food down effectively. It also smells like sick rather than poo which too would suggest food that has not been properly digested. This morning the situation appears to have reached a new level as she has done two horrible, sick smelling poos and I have started to wonder if the problem is dairy related. I have been increasing her intake of cow's milk in attempt to reduce the amount of bfeds she has during the day (she was still feeding up to 8 times day!) so it is a possibility. She has eczema so this too could indicate an issue with dairy, plus I am dairy & wheat intolerant. She doesn't appear to be in any pain with her stomach and is her usual happy self.

If you have managed to get through all the horrible talk of poo, do you have any idea of what could be going on with dd's gut/bottom? I have no health visitor so I can't run it past one and I don't want to take her to the doctor for no real reason if it's nothing. I am just starting to worry a little bit about malabsorption etc. Thank you!

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 09-Nov-09 09:04:16

With that many bfs a day I would expect her poo to be quite soft.

Why did I not know that you are dairy and wheat intolerant?! shock

If you want to rule in/out dairy as the problem then best way is to not give her any for a couple of weeks and see what difference it makes.

charlotteolivia Mon 09-Nov-09 09:06:02

"I don't want to take her to the doctor for no real reason if it's nothing"

People on mumsnet cannot see your daughter 50ftQueenie, or inspect her poo! Take her to a dr, and they can actually examine her

50ftQueenie Mon 09-Nov-09 09:10:55

Heh heh. I should have just asked you CSWS! That is what I was thinking about the bfing poos. However yesterday she only had two bfs and three cups of cow's milk & this morning her poo has been horrible. I will try oat milk with the added calcium and cut out cheese for a few weeks & see how we go.

I am indeed wheat and dairy intolerant, but I am naughty. Wheat makes me hugely bloated, uncomfortable & gives me terrible stomach craps but I love bread so much I suffer it! Dairy makes me really mucous-y which explains all the secondary infections I get when I have a cold. In the past, when I cut those two things out of my diet completely, the weight falls off me and only comes back if I eat them again. However this time my body doesn't appear to want to play. sad

50ftQueenie Mon 09-Nov-09 09:18:14

charlotte - There are people on MN who know far more about allergies and intolerances than my GP could ever know. If dd was unwell, obviously I would take her to the dr, but she's fine. Her poo is soft, she's not dehydrated, she's not in pain, there's no blood or mucus in her poo, so for me everything is suggesting that it is within the normal sphere. My GP is not good and I would rather only take her to the GP if it something that warrants it, otherwise I will be fobbed off as usual. Thanks for the advice though.

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