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Tonsillitis advice please.

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MrsMopple Sun 08-Nov-09 21:41:44

My ds has had tonsillitis 5 times so far this year, usually starting with a very high temp and beign off colour, but much better after a day or 2 of antibiotics. He completed a 5 day course of penecillin on Friday, having seen the Dr on Monday morning and been kept off school Mon and Tues. This morning I thought his voice was sounding a bit 'thick' again, but he said his throat didn't hurt and his temp was normal.

I have looked and his tonsils are HUGE, but not pus covered and he has been running around like normal all day, in fact we've been to two parties today - and before I get flamed for that, I checked his temp before both and didn't look in his throat until afterwards, which I realise wasn't very clever.

So what is the best course of action? Dr again in the morning, but what will they do? Keep him off school again? (My school don;t have a policy for this). He's currently asleep on the sofa having woken screaming, which is very similar to last Sunday, I've given him Calpol for what must be a very painful throat although still no temperature. Any advice gratefully received - NHS direct are very busy and want urgent calls only, and tbh I expect they'll just tell me to take him to the GP in the morning

mummysgoingmad Sun 08-Nov-09 23:27:03

old remedys are the best imo. i had my tonsils taken out due to constant tonsilitis. i gargled with salt water..kills off infections on the surface of the tonsils..plenty on ice lollies, and some ibroprofen to help the inflamation.. are his glads swollen to? has the doc checked his addonoyds? this could be causing probelms too

hope this helps

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