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Non blanchin pin prick rash on 12mo baby's bottom....should I be concerned?

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LackaDAISYcal Sun 08-Nov-09 08:59:49

DS2 had a bit of a red sore bottom yesterday (teething and cold) which I've been putting a zinc oxide based cream on.

This morning I noticed it was all red pin prick spots and thought it was the nappy rash worsening overnight. However, when I've changed his nappy again, it has changed to dark purple and on closer examination is like little blood blisters under his skin which don't disappear when pressed. The skin isn't broken at all.

He is choked with the cold so is pretty miserable, and I know that not all non blanching rashes mean meningitis, but I've never seen anything like this on a bottom before and wondering whether I should be worrying?

Any advice?

I would certainly get it checked out urgently. Only a minority of non-blanching rashes are actually meningitis, but if there isn't another obvious cause then I think it's always worth getting a medical opinion, and some of the other possible causes need medical attention too.

Does he have any other meningitis-like symptoms?

Lulumama Sun 08-Nov-09 09:46:32

i'd be getting him to A&E to be checked out as a matter of urgency , don't mean to panic you but a rash like that needs medical attention, just in case.

LackaDAISYcal Sun 08-Nov-09 09:47:24

He's very grumpy, but has a bad cold and nasty cough. He wants a cuddle and then wants putting down again as soon as you pick him up, but I think that's more to do with the fact that he knows he will fall asleep if he cuddles in and sleep is the enemy at the minute! He had a bit of a fever earlier, just hitting 38, but that has come down with a teaspoon calpol. He's eating fine and has had two breastfeeds this morning, so no worries there.

I would still take him to A&E; it's probably not meningitis but I don't think you can afford to take the chance.

LackaDAISYcal Sun 08-Nov-09 09:48:49

cross post.....heart is leaping lulu now reading that <gulps>

Will call the OOH service and see what they advise.

Lulumama Sun 08-Nov-09 09:54:30

at the end of the day, he's a baby with a pinprick rash, he needs seeing, it's great he seems ok in himself and is breastfeeding BUT you need medical reassurance that it's just a rash IFSWIM!

greenwoodpecker Sun 08-Nov-09 09:57:08

agree get him checked immediately
when you get the all clear it's worth considering hand foot and mouth as this can cause rash around nappy area in young children - has he been off his milk / food?

greenwoodpecker Sun 08-Nov-09 09:58:25

sorry, i see now you say he's feeding fine - WAS he off his food at any point? did his mouth seem sore? my baby was terribly sad with a sore mouth that was virtually gone, by the time the rash appeared

LackaDAISYcal Sun 08-Nov-09 10:16:00

I called NHS direct who have passed it to the OOH service, so waiting on them calling back with an appointment.

I'm fairly sure he's OK, but as you all say, best not to take any chances


LackaDAISYcal Sun 08-Nov-09 10:22:40

off to the docs at 11. Will update later.

LackaDAISYcal Sun 08-Nov-09 12:35:57

Rash is nothing to worry about, thankfully, but doc more concerned with his chest and thinks he has bronchiolitis sad

I have to take him to my own GP tomorrow and get him checked out again.

ilove Sun 08-Nov-09 12:40:09

I'd be forgetting the GP tomorrow and going to A&E today. Sorry, but 12 months is VERY young and he sounds very poorly. hHe could deteriorate very quickly breathing-wise, my DS3 had it and was in hospital for several nights.

PixieOnaLeaf Sun 08-Nov-09 12:45:36

Message withdrawn

LackaDAISYcal Sun 08-Nov-09 14:01:16

Thanks for the advice. Surely if the OOH doc was concerned he would have done something now? like ABs?

I really don't want to be bothering anyone unnecesarily and his breathing isn't bad at the minute; he has a cough and a bit of a rattle, but his temp is normal and he seems perky enough. OK, he isn't 100% but no worse than you'd expect for a baby choked up with the cold.

I'll keep an eye on him and if he looks to be getting any worse over the course of the evening, I'll get him to the hospital ASAP.

ilove Sun 08-Nov-09 14:04:06

AB's don't always work with Bronchiolitis, it is usually viral. And OOH locums don't always have the experience needed to know how fast a baby can go downhill.

LackaDAISYcal Sun 08-Nov-09 14:28:04

I'll keep a close eye on him, but at the minute he isn't struggling to breathe and is eating and drinking well, I'm thinking he doesn't need A&E.

I've been reading up on bronchiolitis as well so know what to look for.

Not sure I'll sleep tonight though!

mummytopebs Sun 08-Nov-09 16:32:13

I agree with the others to take to a&e, locum ooh doctors sometimes do not have the experience, dont mean to worry but my dh had meningitis and was told he had sinusitis by ooh doctor x I would get him checked out by a paeditrician at hospital

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