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really thick cloudy urine from 11mo - wait til tomorrow or not?

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sausagerolemodel Sun 08-Nov-09 08:08:36

Hi there,
I would really appreciate any advice.

My 11mo daughter recently started nursery 4days/week and since then (about 6 weeks), she has had cold after cold - which I kind of expected. She currently has a very runny nose and has developed a cough, and has been slightly more difficult to get down at night and disturbed in the night (crying), but otherwise (daytime) seems happy enough. However this morning her urine was really thick orangey yellow and very cloudy (like apple scrumpy).

I assume he has developed a UTI but as she seems otherwise OK (no fever), A&E seems over the top, but I would hate to leave it til tomorrow only to have it develop into a nastier kidney infection. Any advice?


herjazz Sun 08-Nov-09 08:20:03

is there a smell to the urine?

would also expect fever with UTI. And vomiting.

Has she drank less than usual? tbh what you describe sounds like that to me - would fit in with having a cold as well.

Do you have a walk in / out of hours GP service you could take her to? Best go and get checked out if you are concerned

sausagerolemodel Sun 08-Nov-09 08:37:47

There's no fever or vomiting and she is generally happy, although has been crying periodically through the night. Seems to be drinking as normal. Our NHS walk in centre is closed on a sunday but I'l find out what the out of hours cover is. Thanks.

sausagerolemodel Sun 08-Nov-09 15:43:28

well went to doctor and took a sample of her wee which looks to all intents and purposes like scrumpy - Really cloudy, but he said despite that he could only find a small amount of protein in it. He' sent it off for culture anyway, so i guess we will see. She continues to seem fine apart from intermittent bouts of crying and wanting to cuddle up for a a few minutes, which then pass. Any ideas what it might be if not a UTI that would turn pee to scrumpy?

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