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Vomiting after MMR and PCV vaccines

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lisalife Sat 07-Nov-09 08:47:45

Hello (virgin poster!)

My 15 mo son had his MMR and PCV vaccines on thursday morning, went off his food a bit and then brought up his evening milk and then vomited again in the early hours. Gave him toast and water and he seemed ready for dinner and diluted milk last night. Slept fine. This morning I gave him partially diluted (but not very) milk and he cried for more so had a little more and then about 45 mins later brought the whole lot up! I'm guessing this is a reaction to the PCV vaccine? Anyone experienced anything similar or know how long you're meant to wait before they can have milk again? He seems fine otherwise and is hungry and munching on toast as I type. Is milk OK as long as it's not on an empty stomach or should I avoid it altogether and do the BRAT diet?

Any advice really welcome. Meant to be going away tomorrow for first time without him for 10th anniversary, gulp.

whomovedmychocolatecookie Sat 07-Nov-09 21:09:36

Doesn't sound like a vaccine reaction - sounds like a bug. What's his temperature like? Is there a reaction at the injection site? Withdraw all food and milk for 12 hours and just give water, give his digestive system a rest. Then go on BRAT diet yes.

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