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vomiting and teething?

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KatherineHepburn Thu 05-Nov-09 19:54:55


I have just been Googling to find out if my dd's projectile vomiting could be linked to teething.

I keep finding sites that say that no it is not. However, there seem to be so many people out there asking the same question surely there does actually have to be some link?

No teeth yet, she is 6 months old tomorrow and drooling and chewing constantly. No temp.

Anyone got any ideas? I'm getting pretty fed up of watching everything come up post feeding although she doesn't seem too bothered about it. (goodness knows what I'll do with her bedroom carpet!!!!)


kittykate Thu 05-Nov-09 20:11:55

My 7 and a half month old is doing the same thing. has been throwing up off and on for the last month - since before any teeth showed, and has one now. i did go to doctor twice (same doctor) and she said she thought it was just a teething thing and not to worry, so am just assuming that's right. bit weird though - DS never threw up teething!

DTWD Fri 06-Nov-09 14:08:57

Had same thing when my lad cut his first teeth at 8 months. Was sick on and off for a couple of days and one time was violently sick. Next day first tooth was visible! He has cut a few more teeth since then without the vomiting episodes but since yesterday he has been a bit sicky again and I'm quite sure its his teeth. He had sore gums all afternoon (drooling, biting on fingers and narky but no temp) then last night woke up screaming in pain, choking on saliva and was sick. I'm sure its something to do with the excess saliva upsetting his tummy and/or possibly the ear pain.

Incidently, never experienced this with my first. He produced awful nappies when teething but was never sick!

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