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Pre-pox syptoms for 3 days in 16 mo, but no spots - is it pox then?

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squaLLANDBonfire Thu 05-Nov-09 18:32:57

Before I go and harangue NHS direct

Do any of you wise people whose DCs have had the pox think this sounds poxy?

16 mo DD has been out of sorts for the past three weeks with two colds, a diarrhoea and vomiting bug, lots of teething (looks as though molars and/or canines are nearly ready to make an appearance). Situation normal, then!

So I'm afraid I've been a bad (and vagued-out, sleep-deprived) mummy and attributed her symptoms to the cold and teething so I couldn't exactly tell you when it started to maybe sorta kinda look like pox blush

But for the past, er, 2-4 days (sorry, hard for me to be more sure because it's hard to know where one set of symptoms starts and antoher set ends) it's seemed as though perhaps it's something else.

Lots of bouts of really screamey crying, mostly late morning, afternoon and at night, often arching as though she has abdominal pain,


Very clingy, hair-trigger moods

Loss of appetite (sometimes clearly not interested in food, other times appears hungry but afraid to eat, as though there is mouth pain)

Sometimes seems a bit itchy/irritated by contact with clothes or on pressure points when sitting or lying down (not happened before, nothing changed in laundry department)

And now a bit of sneezing

A bit of nappy rash but nothing more than during other teething episodes and all gone now

No temperature

No spots (except one streaky swollen region on her lip last night, now gone)

Has bursts of cheerfulness and activity and appetite.

Still has snotty nose from cold but it's not too bad. Teething pain doesn't seem bad.

All of this I could attribute to cold and teething, with possibly another tummy bug thrown in for fun, but everyone is talking about pox. It doesn't sound as though pox is 'supposed' to happen but this seems like something more than anything we've seen before.

So... has anyone seen pox with symptoms that started this way and went on for a few days before spots appeared (or where there were no spots)?

I suppose I want to hear that it can't be pox as I want to take her to pregnant-woman-filled play group tomorrow. And I'm just really biscuit

(Oh, and DP has never had the pox )

Thanks, o wise ones!

squaLLANDBonfire Thu 05-Nov-09 18:39:02

Oh, sorry, that was quite an essay, wasn't it?

Potted summary:

16 month-old DD has had lots of lurgeys and teething, possibly still has 'em

Now showing odd symptoms that sound like pre-pox symptoms

But going on for at least 2 days, possibly 4, and no spots

I thought pre-pox lasted only a day, two days max and then you had spots

Anyone seen it go on for longer and yet it still turned out to be chickenpox?

Um... hope that's more readable! Thanks

squaLLANDBonfire Fri 06-Nov-09 23:08:45

Hah, we now have spots.

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