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14 month old DD not eating - come and reassure me!

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Piffpaffpoff Thu 05-Nov-09 14:10:36


14 mo DD has started very actively declining any kind of food that is not weetabix and milk, yoghurt or fruit puree - one hand goes over her mouth whilst the other pushes my hand away! She is drinking plenty of water and milk and is her usual happy cheery self - until I try to feed her something, when she goes into complete meltdown. This is very unusual behaviour for her as she normally guzzles her food in about 30 seconds flat!

Being rational, I think it is probably just a combination of the tail end of a cold and some teething (she has been doing some lethal poos the last two days) and so my head is telling me that she won't suffer by not having proper food for a few days. However, my heart is getting very upset by her distress, and so I'm wondering if anyone else has any advice/suggestions or if you can just reassure me that this is normal teething behaviour and that I really must stop worrying! Thanks.

squaLLANDBonfire Thu 05-Nov-09 19:12:31

No expert but 16 mo DD does this while teething/having colds, or just seemingly at random, and it doesn't last long.

Someone wiser than me will probably be along soon to say something about keeping fluids up and possibly a remark about normal toddler behaviour.

The post-food strike poos are shockers, though, aren't they? DD sometimes will eat nothing but bread, cottage cheese and grapes and it's fun

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