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increased number of poo's in an otherwise healthy 14 month old.

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butterfly14 Thu 05-Nov-09 13:43:12

Please can anyone help, my otherwise healthy 14 month old girl has had between 3 and 7 dirty nappy's a day for the last 3 weeks! no vomiting and is happy in herself so Gp ruled out tummy bug. Some poo's are normal and formed but most are squidgy but not runny like diahrea. Gp wasn't much help and told me it was teething!!but this would only change the consistency not the frequency? The health visitors suggest it is food related but looking at her food diary nothing stood out, she doesn't eat citrus fruit, or drink cows milk and no one food to excess? i am lost as to what to try but changing on average 5 nappy's a day is ridiculous? Has anyone had a simular problem or any suggestions as to what it might be please??

worthmore Thu 05-Nov-09 21:18:38

I counted 11 in one day once, he was about that age... no issues at all!!If she seems healthy, just keep an eye on it, and don't worry too much

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