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When does a sick baby need to see GP?

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MrsMong Wed 04-Nov-09 09:23:37

DD (9 months) has been vomiting since Monday morning. She didn't eat any food on Monday but managed to keep down her 3pm and 7pm BFs (the 7am BF was spectacularly thrown up all over my bed!).

Yesterday she seemed a bit better and ate a tiny amount at lunch and dinner (half a breadstick and a tub of fruit puree). She was refusing to drink water but took her usual BFs and 7am, 3pm and 7pm.

The 7pm feed was thrown up all over her cot and I started to get a bit worried about dehydration, so she had an extra BF and 8pm and dreamfeeds at 10pm, 3am and her usual 7am BF. Her nappies yesterday were pretty dry, but her overnight nappy was wet - not as heavy as normal, but reasonably wet.

Today she is still refusing water and not interested in food.

So, my question - at what stage do I need to take her to GP? I'm most worried about dehydration and plan to offer extra mid-morning BF if she still won't take water. What about food, how long before I should be worried she isn't eating?

Thanks again

allaboutme Wed 04-Nov-09 09:25:38

I'd give her BF and water only today, no food at all and see how she seems by the end of the day. If she is still sick on only liquids and hasnt got a wet nappy then I'd call the GP.
Hope she feels better today

luciemule Wed 04-Nov-09 09:28:19

Wouldn't worry about food intake at all if she's having all of her normal bfs. I would take her though to GP just to get her chekced out. She's only 9 months and it's harder to tell with a baby how ill they are and they do go downhill fast than children and adults. That said, I'm sure everyone will reply saying don't worry, she's having her feeds etc but tbh, the GPs are always willing to see babies and children, no matter how minute the concern. Wouldn't you rather get her checked out and set your mind at rest- especially if her nappies aren't very wet and she's been continually sick since monday?

missingthepumpkin Wed 04-Nov-09 09:42:04

like Luciemule says - adults tend to go downhill slowly, babies and small children look fine but then get poorly quickly. See how she goes, keep a close eye on her. I would say she'll eat when she's hungry again, and as long as she BFs and keeps BF down and is reasonably chirpy and most importantly you feel happy then not to worry. BUT you are her mum, so if you are worried go and see the gp. She has been poorly and at the very least you want some reassurance and advice.

MrsMong Wed 04-Nov-09 09:50:47

Thanks. Deep down I think she's ok, and I'm probably just worrying cos it's the first time she's been sick. She's snoozing at the moment and will keep trying the water and offer extra BFs (hope my supply can keep up!)


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