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Bad Teething symptoms - no sign of teeth, how long to go?

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onehitwonder Tue 03-Nov-09 20:48:43

DS is 21 weeks and for the past week or so has been having really bad teething symptoms - in addition to the constant drooling and hand chewing, he is waking much more frequently, crying and unable to self settle (which he was doing sometimes previously), we have had periods of 2-3 hours of him being awake at night crying & screaming despite being held, rocked, patted, given a finger to suck etc sad. We are trying to manage the pain with small doses of calpol, occasional ibuprofen, teething gels and ashton & parsons. He isn't too bad in the daytime, but nights are pretty rough and there is just no actual sign of the teeth.
Any ideas how long the pain will last or how long the teeth will take to come through?
Also, do boys have a harder time teething, as DD was never like this even with molars?

mummysgoingmad Tue 03-Nov-09 21:31:51

could be a couple of weeks, could be days, it really depends on the baby i'm afraid. will he let you feel his gums? if not try and do it while he's asleep that'l givde you some indication of how long you've got till it breaks through the gum. i find letting ds chew on a cold face cloth helps. hope this helps

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