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Myositis? - worried about ds2

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Flightattendant Tue 03-Nov-09 06:42:34

I think ds2 might have polymyositis and am quite worried as I've just got up and been 'researching' but haven't found anything about treatment or how bad it is so far - just symptoms. (will go back in a minute and look again but had to come here first!)

He's had HFM (hand foot and mouth)which his brother is just getting over. He was very upset at bedtime on Sunday, which I put down to the sores in his mouth, and slept reasonable well only waking a couple of times and crying...however last night he was really bad. He woke four times before 1am, and it was impossible to calm him - really crying and crying and seemingly in pain with his legs or feet? (he is 2.5)

In the end he cried for about 10 minutes each time (v unusual for him) before agreeing to brestfeed back to sleep, then whimpering in sleep, waking again in pain sad and doing it all again.

I gave him nurofen at 1.10 and he had milk and slept better for a few hours, meantime I rang OOH who said if it happens again he should be seen, but 'put some socks on him' hmm O-Kay

He didn't mention a cause but said sometimes viruses can get into the muscles.

Looking it up this morning it seems coxsackie virus can cause HFM and polymyositis, which is essentially a muscular disease but I haven't got as far as what to do about it yet.

Apparently it can mimic polio or similar?
He doesn't really have blisters either to cause pain - just a spotty rash.

Any help/experience welcome.

Flightattendant Tue 03-Nov-09 06:43:01

Btw he is fine now and during the day.

It seems to be night time only and getting worse - thus the panic.

Flightattendant Tue 03-Nov-09 06:51:42

Ok further research (ok googling)

Inflammatory acute postviral myopathy is a rare complication of coxsackie infection/enterovirus both of which can cause Hand foot and mouth.

it doesn't say clearly whether the symptoms would be worse at night but it does say they start a couple of days into the illness once the initial symptoms have been experienced, which would be about right.

Doesn't seem to say anything about treatment still though one site says it goes away after 3-10 days.

arghhhh poor ds.

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