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Perforated ear drum and swimming

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Rolf Mon 02-Nov-09 15:00:36

My 4 year old DD has a perforated ear drum. She had a few nights of severe earache which I treated with calpol. About 4 days ago the earache stopped and she had a clear fluid dribbling out of her ear, and isn't hearing very well. This has happened before so it's all familiar territory for us.

Her ear is no longer dribbling fluid and her hearing is slightly better but not back to normal. She's well in herself. I've spoken to the GP over the telephone and am to take her in in 4 - 6 weeks to check that her eardrum has healed. I was advised not to take her swimming for that time.

My question is - she really wants to go to her swimming lesson this evening. We have a neoprene ear guard which I can put on her. She is in the baby pool and splashing around rather than going right under the water. Does anyone know whether swimming in these circumstances is likely to harm her ear? Any advice?


belgo Mon 02-Nov-09 15:03:03

If the ear drum is not completely healed, there is more of a risk of infection from that lovely warm water in the children's pool, absolutely the right temperature for germs to thrive.

I don't know how much protection the ear guard would give.

Rolf Mon 02-Nov-09 16:04:23

Thanks Belgo

I think I'm scrabbling fruitlessly for a justification for taking her swimming blush

belgo Mon 02-Nov-09 17:15:43

I'm also keeping my dd1 home from swimming for a few weeks, as she's recently had new gromits inserted and they still seem a bit blocked up. Also there are so many colds and other viruses around at this time of year I just don't want to risk another ear infection.

Usually we all go swimming very regularly, it's annoying to have to give it a miss for a few weeks, but it would be even more annoying if her ears became bad again.

Rolf Mon 02-Nov-09 17:28:11

You obviously are experienced! You're right, I was dreading the meltdown (which did happen) but she is v tired - started school in September - and whilst I'm pretty negligent relaxed about germs it does seem foolish to put her so obviously in their path.

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