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HELP! really struggling with 3 yr old sleep study!!!!!!!!!!

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mad4myboys Sat 31-Oct-09 19:26:31

trying to attach sleep study, the oxi thingy one to 3 year old ds1. He understands why we have to do it. Last night tried to put on his foot when asleep but woke up, had a HUGE fit, ripped it off and couldnt get it on at all. Tonight have tried him putting it on etc and bribing him with present in the morning and he just keeps taking it off. He had it on during the day today ok (me trying get him used to it) but tonight it isnt on him again. SUPPOSED to have 3 nights!! has to go back on monday and we going have to stay in hosp if cant get on tonight. WHAT CAN I DO?? Any tips?>>

mad4myboys Sat 31-Oct-09 20:12:34


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