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Blood in 3yr old's poo- lack of veg, or something else?

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Sakura Sat 31-Oct-09 12:11:30

My 3 year old has blood in her poo. ITs fresh blood when she wipes- so I'm guessing its not internal. Could this be from lack of fibre and veg?
The reason I'm not too keen to rush her to the docs is because I don't want her to have to go through some invasive internal examination unless its absolutely necessary.
Has anyone ever experienced this?

WobblyPig Sat 31-Oct-09 21:17:11

Sorry, I would say you have to seek medical advice as horrbile as it may seem. Blood in anyone's poo is not normal and whilst is likely to be due to something relatively minor you can't sit on it - no pun intended.

Dumbledoresgirl Sat 31-Oct-09 21:25:13

If it is red blood, it is most likely caused by an anal fissure (small tear in the anus). Does it hurt her to poo?

I have had a fissure in my time and so, regretably, has my dd - for about 2 years before it healed. I wouldn't ignore the blood if I were you. When I went to the GP with my fissure I did have an internal examination which was embarrassing but not painful. My dd was only little and no examination was necessary.

Sakura Mon 02-Nov-09 05:31:06

THanks for the replies. It doesn't hurt her when she poos and its on and off. It sounds like it is an anal fissure. I have to go to the docs this week with DS so I will mention it to him.

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