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Molluscum - I hate hate hate hate it

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twolittlekings Thu 29-Oct-09 09:08:09

I know there are quite a few threads on here re Molluscum so I am sorry to start another one but recently DS1's have gone from a couple to quite a few on his trunk and arms. From thinking I would not do anything about it I am now wanting to get rid of it as soon as I can (especially since I have heard it can take 18 months to clear). I have a 3 month DS2 that I don't want to infect and it's starting to affect the way I allow DS1 to interect with DS2.

I have looked on here to see what the best method it and it seems to be quite varied. I have done some internet research but what I can't seem to find out is whether if I prick all of the spots in one place and they go, will that be it providing I don't infect anywhere else on his body in the process - or will the spots just appear randomly somewhere else anyway?

I have to get rid of them as I don't want them to start spreading to his hands and face - especially as they appear to leave pin prick marks afterwards. Do these go away in time?

JemintheGraveyardwithghouls Thu 29-Oct-09 16:35:39

Yes, they do go away with time...that's the only advice I can give. My DD! had them on her legs and near her nappy area- yes they are gross, but they do go away. Nothing to do but wait I'm afraid,hope this helps.

sardean Sat 31-Oct-09 12:07:40

Hello You could try echinacea. My son had MC for a while and we gave him a high dose of echinacea and it was gone within 2 weeks. I have also given this advise to other parents as a nurse and they have reported a disappearance too!! Give it a go. Its a natural, herbal remedy that bolsters the immune system.

GypsyMay Sat 31-Oct-09 14:51:48

I used a high potency tea tree oil cream on my DS's and they started to clear up, but maybe they were about to anyway?

thesleepyprincess Sun 01-Nov-09 19:06:32

I have posted this before but I used Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream on my daughter and the molluscum spots went in a couple of weeks. Apparently it contains an ingredient used in anti-wart preparations so it made a bit of sense. Of course it may have been pure coincidence but worth a go.

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