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mistermister Thu 29-Oct-09 08:40:40

Hi, could anyone give me some feedback re. the effectiveness or otherwise of gromits, please? My DS is 12 and has been back and forth to the audiologist since he was around 6 - has a slight hearing loss in left ear and eustachian tube dysfunction - he only tends to have a noticeable problem on and around a cold and it seems to right itself. No problems with speech/school. At the moment (he's just got over a bout of suspected swine flu) his hearing is right down and we do have a follow up appt in November, but I feel sure they will suggest gromits this time as a definite course of action, which is fine, but I've been told they don't essentially help the problem and can perforate the eardrum - need some advice from people who are in the same situation or have actually had children who've had/not had gromits - THANK YOU.

CarGirl Thu 29-Oct-09 08:51:03

12 is unusually old to have grommits fitted most children are much younger 3-6years so the risks may be different then?

It was the best thing that dd2 ever had done, her confidence soared once she had them done as did her speech, she was nearly 5

Have you looked at cranial osteopathy to see if they can do anything to improve the position of the eustachiann tube. Also what is causing the mild hearing loss - dd4 had dreadful hearing and after a few months of Johansen sound therapy there was a massive difference now 8 months on her hearing is virtually A1. She had been down to 35-45 decibels in her worst ear for the top 40% of frequencies which had a huge impact on her speech, the other ear was marginally better. BBasically her hearing "curve" was almost flat as there was also hearing impairment at the lowest frequencies.

The practioner who I saw was concerned that dd4 may have permanent hearing impairment but even after 6 weeks of treatment the improvement was massive

mistermister Thu 29-Oct-09 10:32:50

Many thanks for your very helpful reply, CarGirl, glad you've seen an improvement in your dd. I will certainly think about cranial osteopathy, or at least look into it and will take a good look at your link. Thank you so much.

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 29-Oct-09 11:12:11

Mister mister, the perforation of the eardrum would be part of the grommet insertion. I am currently struggling to save dd from having these, although it seems to be a losing battle. Her hearing hasn't improved despite six months of saline inhalation and steroid use. I think I'll just have to face it and get her done.

norksonmywitchesbroomstick Thu 29-Oct-09 11:18:34

my DS had grommets inserted and his adenoids removed( they were totally blocking his tubes) when he was 2.10. He had a significant hearing loss that had not improved with non surgical management. He is now a changed child, his speech is now nearly in line with his peers and he has hearing within normal limits.
I know it is a choice not everyone likes to take, but in our case it was really the only option as the surgeon said on his return from theatre that he would probably have perforated his own eardrums due to the build up of gunk within a month had the surgery not been done.

Hope you get the result you need for your DS, although as others have said I am surprised they have not suggested this much sooner.

mistermister Thu 29-Oct-09 21:28:51

Thanks, Nork - glad your outcome was good! Yes, I too hope that we can finally resolve this - just want to do what's best for my son and am worried that if some action's not taken, his hearing will be permanently affected, so am going to get some action this time - I think the "sit and wait" period is truly over!! Feel bad that I haven't pushed it, but trust in their judgement! Thanks again.

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