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dd 13 mths vomiting in her sleep

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Concordia Thu 29-Oct-09 00:29:16

for the last fun 3 1/2 weeks, at least one person in our family of four has had diarrhoea or vomiting on each day. I have had a couple of rounds lasting two or three days each, starting with horrendous bouts of vomiting. DD was sick in the night on monday night, didn't wake up at all. i heard weird noises and came in and found her sleeping in it. in the day she seems fine but has diarrhoea maybe 2 or 3 times. tonight wed she has been sick and had diarrhoea again in her sleep. it is not like baby sick, really foul smelling stuff, and when asleep she seems to be gulping it down. i have booked in to take her to gp but not convinced i'll get anything except - its' a virus. i'm getting worried to leave her unsupervised when asleep but as i'm still not well myself i need a bit of rest. any advice?

nevergoogledragonbutter Thu 29-Oct-09 00:59:14

I'd call NHS direct for advice and sleep in the same room so you can hear her if she's sick.

If you have a partner maybe you could agree to take shifts at sleeping in with her.

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