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Pains in my DS's legs for well over a week-what could it be?

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Faigle Wed 28-Oct-09 18:34:52

My DS is 12, and has been having pains in his legs for well over a week. It started on the front of his tighs, but sometimes is in other ares of his legs. He also has a strange red rash like a thinnish red line around his thigh/groin area.
I took him to the GP last Thursday and they were baffled by it and not sure if there was a connection between the pain and the red line. He has bit of a cough at the moment too, but that seems to be clearing up ok.
He has no fever, and seems generally quite well. The rash/line btw is not itchy or sore.
The GP asked us to return in a week- which is tommorow if the pain hasn't gone, which it hasn't.
So although we will be goin g back tomorrow I just wondered if any one else has any experience of this kind of thing and could shed some light on whta it might be or what is causing it.
The pains comes and goes, but is generally bad at night and is keeping him and me awake, as a result he is quite tired and grumpy during the day.

pipWereRabbit Wed 28-Oct-09 20:22:38

As a child I suffered from pains in my legs which the doctors called 'growing pains', and although very uncomfortable they never actually came to anything and eventaully went away. I grew a lot, very fast around the age of 10.
I've tried to find some information for you - but could only find this booklet for children, produced by the Arthritis Research Campaign. I don't know if it will ring any bells with you and your DS though.

Faigle Wed 28-Oct-09 20:43:23

Thanks for this pipwereRabbit.
TBH I sort of assumed it was growing pains, as he has had this before, but not for such a long time.
I wouldn't be too worried if it weren't for the red line. But that might just be a red herring and totally unrelated.

I'll see what they say tommorow.

pipWereRabbit Wed 28-Oct-09 20:47:45

Faigle, I hope that all goes well tomorrow, and that (as you say) the line and the pains are not connected and are both easily treatable problems.

mankyscotslass Wed 28-Oct-09 20:54:04

Ds last Christmas/New Year had a virus, then after that woke with pains in his legs, and was struggling through the day with them too. We ended up taking him to A&E becasue he woke one morning and couldn't walk because of the pain.

It was something called irritable hip, fairly common after a virus or infection but frightening for us and painful for him. They said that pain can transfer from the hip to the knee or ankle with this type of inflamation. They just monitored him and told us to give nurefen/calpol alternately, rest as much as possible, and it cleared.

He does get growing pains at night sometimes, but this was a different sort of pain.

Worthwhile getting him checked again if you are worried.

scoobi6 Wed 28-Oct-09 21:00:25

I had growing pains at that age, iirc it felt like bad aching in the legs and was usually at night.

I got stretch marks on my upper thighs, presumably from growing fast... any chance the line could be that?

Hope he feels better soon

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