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How long is too long with no poo?

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pookamoo Wed 28-Oct-09 17:48:31

DD is 11 months. Not really into her solid food, gets most of her calories from bm, although she "eats" 3 meals a day (well throws them on the floor mostly but hey ho!)

She hasn't pooed for over a week now. Her poos are still the runny breastfed type, and she normally goes once or twice daily. She seems fine in herself.

How long before I should worry?

JJsandcat Wed 28-Oct-09 19:24:07

My dd is 12 months and has been on solids roughly since being 5 months old. The doc then said that once a day is normal or could be every second. She did 2 a day until about a week ago. It's now every second day or in the nights [argh].

If you notice no change in her behaviour, no temp, same same, then I'd go for a week and then check with your doc. Can you call her Paed? Or your GP? Just to check, you know.

My dd has a strong body and when she had a slight tummy bug it wasn't apparent at first coz she was still a happy little thing but a strong physique can mask underlying problems. Turns out she can't take cow's milk. Pretty easy, case solved.

Good luck!

pookamoo Wed 28-Oct-09 22:39:17

hmm, has already been a week, maybe I will call the HV tomorrow and see what they say. I just thought it was usually little tiny babies this happened to. One of my friends' babies went 16 days once, but he was less than 12 weeks old I think. DD is almost a year, but hardly eats any solids (BLW - her choice not mine!)

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