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DD2 sick last night, also came out with spots which looked like bites. What can it be??

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drivinmecrazy Tue 27-Oct-09 10:15:07

DD2 (4yo) came down last night saying her tummy hurt and was promptly sick twice. She also complained of mad itching all over and came out in spots which looked like bited all over her. We had been to the zoo earlier and she also developed these 'bites' while there. They only seemed to last an hour or so but left her itching like mad.
She seems fine this morning, although quite sore where she spent most of the night madly itching.
Any thoughts what it could of been? Am going to keep a close eye on her today to see if any more appear but am completely baffled.

Marne Tue 27-Oct-09 10:27:31

Could have been an allergic reaction to something. I had a similar reaction yesterday to something i ate (may be gluten), i wasn't sick but had a bad tummy and very itchy.

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