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Two year old complaining of "itchy bottom" - any ideas?

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Daffodilly Mon 26-Oct-09 21:02:13

DD is almost 3 and for a couple of days saying her bottom is itchy. Think she means anus from further questioning. I can't see anything there.

Any ideas what it could be or anything I can try before I traipse to doctors (and probably come home with something else)?

shonaspurtle Mon 26-Oct-09 21:04:16

Threadworms? <shudder>

TrickOrTrefusis Mon 26-Oct-09 21:04:39


(I'm sorry, but you have to look up their bums with a torch when they're asleep to diagnose that. And they're a PITA to shift.)

herbietea Mon 26-Oct-09 21:05:48

Message withdrawn

islandofsodor Mon 26-Oct-09 21:06:21

Definately sounds like threadworms

Inghouls2 Mon 26-Oct-09 21:07:32

don't even bother looking, it will be and it will revolt you.
Take some Ovex, hot wash bedding,towels, pjs...

CMOTdibbler Mon 26-Oct-09 21:08:11

Def sounds like worms to me. I favour the Boots threadworm treatment - do the whole family.

If she'll poo in the potty, you'll see the worms waving at you

mankyscotslass Mon 26-Oct-09 21:12:15

Oooh, threadworms.

Welcome to hell.

Look at her poos, they may wave at you. <<boak>>

Ovex for everyone and clean surfaces, carpets, bedding and soft toys like a madwoman. Always assuming you are not pregnant or BF ot the child is under one (i think), then you have the joys of pripsen. <<shudder>>

I heart Ovex.

And let childcare know.

<<professionsl threadworm/head lice destroyer>>

fishie Mon 26-Oct-09 21:14:34

it might not be though - ds gets itchy bottom when he has had an imperfectly wiped poo. what happens if you wipe bottom with wet paper then dry again? maybe also she has eaten something acidic.

supersalstrawberry Mon 26-Oct-09 21:16:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

supersalstrawberry Mon 26-Oct-09 21:18:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Daffodilly Mon 26-Oct-09 21:22:58

Oh. My. God.

Told DH the torch idea. He thinks I am joking.

Children are so unglamorous. Have spent all day nursing a vomiting DS (9 mths) who has fever.

Damn, I am BFing DS still too so guess I need some professional medical advice?

Now anyone any suggestions on how I clean house top to toe whilst holding poorly DS who won't be put down and mustn't overheat?????

Can I resign from my role as Mother at this point?

Clary Mon 26-Oct-09 21:25:41

worms almost certainly.

This is why I wash bedlinen so frequently.

Torch thingy is great fun hmm

supersalstrawberry Mon 26-Oct-09 21:27:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CMOTdibbler Mon 26-Oct-09 22:21:49

I'm agreed on the rite of passage. DH and I were discussing the idea od an alternative baby book, with entries such as 'my first infestation', 'my first tantrum' etc when DS first had them

SquIDGEyeyeballs Mon 26-Oct-09 22:27:04

Sounds like threadworms.

Also if she has worms, cut her fingernails short and get handwashing!

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