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Crackling chest

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FangedGhoulForTheMonstrosities Mon 26-Oct-09 13:56:34

DD (just turned 3) has had a nasty virus and ended up on antibiotics for an ear infection. At the time the GP said her chest was clear.

She has been absolutely fine and finished her antibiotics today.

Today I was cuddling her and I could feel her chest crackling as she breathed. She has only been coughing very occasionally.

Should this be checked out or is it normal after a cold? Not sure how well she is today as she is very tired, she was clingy earlier but put it down to sleepiness.

TIA. smile

ILikeToQuickstepItTangoIt Mon 26-Oct-09 14:00:34

Does it clear when she coughs?

FangedGhoulForTheMonstrosities Mon 26-Oct-09 14:01:54

she isnt really coughing..only very, very occasionally.

herjazz Mon 26-Oct-09 14:03:39

I would get it checked out

Yeah she may need to just cough and bring it up but certainly worth getting seen by GP

'crackles' can be sign of infections lower down in the chest. Infections like pneumonia do tend to occur after other infections. Don't be too alarmed tho

What is her breathing like? Does she appear to be sucking in her stomach / chest sinking in when breathing? That is clear sign of chest infection

FangedGhoulForTheMonstrosities Mon 26-Oct-09 14:04:51


Haven't had chance to observe her chest, but will when she wakes up.

GhostlyPixieOnaPumpkin Mon 26-Oct-09 14:24:56

Definitely make a GP appointment for ASAP - chest complaints in children can get a lot worse very quickly.
Watch out for stridor, which is when the 'dimple' at the base of the neck and the bit between the bottom of the ribs suck in when the child is trying to breathe. This is a sign to call an ambulance.
She's probably got a bit of an infection.

FangedGhoulForTheMonstrosities Mon 26-Oct-09 14:29:00

calling Dr now. And we had been celebrating the end of her antibiotics too!

FangedGhoulForTheMonstrosities Mon 26-Oct-09 14:29:40

and its engaged

FangedGhoulForTheMonstrosities Mon 26-Oct-09 14:29:57


FangedGhoulForTheMonstrosities Mon 26-Oct-09 14:51:17

hmm she has now woken, is eating and i cant feel the crackling, so am hopeful it was just some phlegm that's now moved, no sign of a temp, will keep an eye I think and call if I feel it again.

Thanks for all the swift advice!!

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