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why why why is my ds 15 months constantly sick?

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MudMum Sun 25-Oct-09 08:11:25

Am really worried. My ds has always had - ish-oos. He was born at 6 lbs, jaundiced, and was on antibiotics for strep B. Since, he has been fully bf, reached the 25th centile in weight (happiest day of my life!) but during weaning at 6 months we discovered allergies to milk. Lead to referral to dietician, he's confirmed allergic to egg, milk, and soy. He has neocate, which he takes sometimes but has refused recently.

He has had several episodes of high fevers, one ear infection in March for which we were in hospital over night, and seems to catch absolutely everything.

Last time I weighed him, about a month ago, he was 19 lbs, has dropped to the 9th centile again. I am pretty sure he is not more than 16 lbs now, will buy a scale today though know this may not be accurate.

Now he has been sick for about a month. We took him to gp 2 weeks ago after he had fever and didn't eat besides bf for 5 days, she saw a couple of spots, said chicken pox. But nothing ever came up other than those couple spots. On Thursday, he stopped eating and was feverish. Hasn't eaten besides bm since then. We took him to pharmacist yesterday as has itchy rash on neck, she again said chicken pox. I thought the rash was because he dribbles so much, it's not elsewhere, though he has a couple of hivey spots which come and go.

So there's about a million questions, sorry. Guess wondering if it's possible to have chicken pox back to back like that, or have chicken pox for 2 weeks?

We are taking him again to gp tomorrow. Wonder what referral we should ask for (gp fairly useless, hesitant to do much besides say 'virus' and send us away) back to dietician in case all this is another intolerance / allergy we don't know about and have been blissfully ignoring whilst feeding him? to specialist of some sort re children's health as the dietician is supposed to see us at 18 months? what happens in the meantime if he just keeps losing weight?

It just doesn't seem right, he is sick more often than he is well. My DSD, 9 years, who is with us half the time has taken to asking on pick up if DS is well or sick again.

CantSleepWontSleep Sun 25-Oct-09 08:19:30

Poor you - that's a lot of sickness to deal with.

Can I just check that you are also avoiding the foods that he is allergic/intolerant to as you are still bf?

MudMum Sun 25-Oct-09 08:24:06


Yes, I do my best, but sometimes peanut / cheese temptations have gotten the best of me. Yesterday in shame I threw out the peanut butter and openly vowed to resist cheese. It's still the constant fevers though?

CantSleepWontSleep Sun 25-Oct-09 08:42:21

Do his fevers coincide with getting teeth? Theoretically this shouldn't give them a fever, but dd always had a rocketing temp when she got a new tooth through.

It doesn't sound like CP btw.

But there are a lot of viruses with rashes around at the moment.

MudMum Sun 25-Oct-09 08:48:15

It's possible I guess. He's almost got them all (he started teeth at 4 months, has 12 now. There are a couple coming through.

I had heard that, but assumed they were mild grade temperatures, where ds gets up between 103 - 105, but you say your dd has had high temps with teething, so maybe? How long does it take and does she lose weight as well? How long is a piece of string, anyway?

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