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Baby doesn't poo

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wolfear Sat 24-Oct-09 22:49:44

DS is 19 weeks and breastfed. Until about 5 weeks ago his bowels seemed to be working well, pooing at least a couple of times a day. He now only goes every 7-10 days - we're now on day 9 this time. His wind absolutely reeks.

My HV says this is normal in BF babies but I just can't see how. The constipation coincided with me giving a bottle of formula (Aptimil). He had three ounces one night before bed and woke up an hour later screaming and scrunching up his legs. Not sure if it's related but seems a coincidence. I haven't given him anymore since.

The doctor gave me a couple of suppositories to use and I did use one a couple of weeks ago but don't want to resort to them every time.

Anyone have any experience with this? Is it normal and how can I help him? He's waking more frequently in the night and I'm sure it because he's uncomfotable and in pain.

morocco Sat 24-Oct-09 22:53:16

afaik it is normal for bf babies to go up to 10 days or so - just brace yourself for when he does go grin. dd was like this

wolfear Sat 24-Oct-09 22:55:37

God, tell me about it. Was your DD in any pain? Did it level out about when she was weaned?

cece Sat 24-Oct-09 23:01:07

I had a few weeks of this when DS2 was 15 weeks old. He is 22 weeks old now and is back to normal!

MinkyBorage Sat 24-Oct-09 23:01:11

before ds started on solids he was ebf, and did a poo every 5 to 10 days. I took him to the gp at 10 days once and he prescribed glycerine suppositories and lactulose which I didn't use because he wasn't in pain, and his tummy was nice and soft etc. I had a bet with GP that he would be doing one at least daily once on solids, and GP reckoned he had a sluggish bowel, and I was being irresponsible, but I was right. Farts were bloody awful though!! Weirdly when ds did get round to going, they were pretty unimpressive.

I tried aptimil with dd, and it's got something in it which keeps their poos runny, so I'd be surprised if this is the root of the current situation, probably just a coincidence.

AireyfairyMcLairey Sat 24-Oct-09 23:05:21

My DS1 only pooed every 14 days from about 10 weeks until he was weaned at 5 months and a bit - i'd say it's prefectly normal....but a killer when it eventually lands! If he pooed when out we just headed home - there is no way a changing table in a shop etc could cope with that.......

morocco Sat 24-Oct-09 23:51:33

dd was fine with it, no pain, bf babies generally don't get constipated (sweeping stat alert smile ie hard painful poos) but you wouldn't want to change those nappies - bluergh

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